Why my marriage to Don Jazzy crashed: Michelle (video)

Michelle and Don Jazzy

Michelle and Don Jazzy

Michelle Jackson has once again insisted that ‘music’ was the sole reason why she and Don Jazzy divorced.

Michelle who is a singer, in a recent interview with Naija FM said they had to divorce because Don Jazzy prioritise his music.

She revealed she married Don Jazzy just one week after her 22nd birthday.

She said they met in the club while Don Jazzy’s music group was sharing their flier.

She looked at the flier and thought Don Jazzy looked cool so a friend of hers who knows Don Jazzy got her his phone and she typed in her number.

Don Jazzy called her later and she invited him to her home. That was the start of their relationship, which then led to marriage.

She said they were both really young and were both in the music industry and Don Jazzy’s music took him away from home a lot.

Michelle said: “Don Jazzy is music, and I said to him many times, he’s not just got talent, he’s got a special gift. And he just needed to go and be himself and go and do his music.

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“Music kind of got in the way of the relationship. We were very young as well. If I was in the same situation now, it might be very different.”

She added: “We were both pursuing our music careers at the same time and he got discovered by JJC Skillz so his talent took him out of the home a lot more and at this point, I’d put my music on the backburner to balance some home life.

“He was very into the music and it kind of got in the way.”

Watch her speak in the video below:

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