Deborah Samuel was not a chicken: Kperogi calls out defenders of her murder

Deborah killed for blasphemy

Deborah Samuel killed for blasphemy at Sokoto College of Education

By Farooq Kperogi

That such a large number of highly credentialed, full-grown northern Nigerian Muslim adults in full control of their mental faculties (who repeat the mantra that “Islam is a religion of peace,” no less) would countenance, defend, justify, and even revel in the insensate slaughter of Deborah Samuel Yakubu because of “blasphemy” makes me question my entire existence.

The murder of Deborah is horrific, but what’s even more horrific is the forceful defence and justification of her murder by fellow Muslims that I’d considered rational, thoughtful, compassionate, and reasonable. It shows that this sort of mindless bloodletting won’t let up.

I didn’t realize I had these many murderers as friends and acquaintances. I’ve now recalibrated my relational compass. Don’t trust anyone who justifies murder. Only a murderer, or a potential murderer, would defend and justify murder. There’s no question about that.

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I’m never going to debate with anyone over the propriety of murdering another human being who didn’t kill anyone. The sanctity of human life shouldn’t be up for debate. I am so done!

I’ve been emotionally down these past few days. I hadn’t come to terms with the enormity of insensate cruelty that dwells in our people and culture. We’re talking here of the life of another human being, not a chicken, for crying out loud!

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