Taliban orders female Tv presenters to cover their faces

the Taliban  in the office of the Governor of Jalalabad on Sunday morning

Taliban orders female Tv presenters to cover their faces

The Taliban authorities on Thursday issued an official order that female journalists in all Afghan media outlets must cover their faces while appearing on television.

Afghan local media reported on Thursday that the authorities have informed all television stations that the new order is final and not up for discussion.

Images of women anchors and presenters circulated on social media on Thursday, with masks covering their faces.

One television producer said the order stated that only the eyes of the female presenters must be visible.

“We have been told that all female employees on visual media must wear masks to hide their faces.

“Some media applied the ruling today while others must do so starting tomorrow,” another producer said.

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The latest rule comes shortly after the Taliban made face veils mandatory for all Afghan women appearing in public.

A Taliban official said that earlier in March, the Taliban banned all visual foreign media outlets, including the BBC and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, as officials were unable to check content, including the reporters’ attire.

Since the Taliban returned to power, the hardliners have imposed severe restrictions on media outlets and clamped down on human rights in Afghanistan.

Journalists have been beaten and detained for doing their jobs.

Girls and women have been deprived of many of their rights, including education, work, and movement.

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