Banky W's Eti-Osa House of Reps bid turns movie drama

Banky W

Banky W

Nigerian singer and actor Banky W, has turned a star actor in the unfolding political drama in Eti-Osa Federal Constituency.

In one breath, the likeable actor ran to town to celebrate a landslide victory in the primary of the Peoples Democratic Party.

A video of the vote count was widely shared on social media.

In another breath, the victory turned to dust, as he was proclaimed the loser to another candidate, Sam Aiboni, a lawyer.

According to a result sheet published, Aiboni won 23 votes from delegates, while Banky won 7 votes. This contrasted with the 28 initially announced for Banky.

The political drama certainly unsettled the political greenhorn as he stammered a response.

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He claimed “Sam manipulated the result sheet in his favour, the leaders said I should not worry, that they’ll resolve it. I urge all the delegates who voted for me to speak up….”

On Twitter, Banky W’s fans have expressed some sympathy, drawing similarities between his fate and the decision of ex-governor Peter Obi to leave the PDP.

Said Alex Chigozie: “It’s the guts of the PDP for me! Imagine an election vote count covered with over 3 HD cameras by press men & countless phones. The videos broke the Internet, we all watched them & celebrated Banky W’s victory but shockingly the results got to Wadata house and Banky lost”

Alpha Chukwujekwu wrote: “Really felt for Banky W …PDP isn’t a nice place to campaign now that’s why PETER OBI left”.

Ayemojubar tweeted: “PDP go do worse than APC if elected in 2023. How did Banky W’s 28 votes become 7 all of a sudden?

Some commenters advised Banky W to leave politics and face his music.

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