My ordeal in the hands of Fulani kidnappers - Methodist Prelate Uche

Dr Samuel Kanu-Uche

Dr Samuel Kanu-Uche, Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria

The Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Samuel Kanu Uche has narrated his ordeal in the hands of eight Fulani men who abducted him.

The cleric was kidnapped on Sunday along with two others. He was Freed on Monday after paying a ransom of N100 million to the kidnappers.

Narrating his ordeal on Tuesday in Lagos, Uche said  “They were torturing us, it was in the process of the torture that I hit my right eye on the tree and blood was coming out and even when blood was flowing and it was soaking my handkerchief they did not feel like anything happens, all they were saying is that we should follow them.

“That they are not actually against Nigeria citizens, that they are against the government, that this government is a bad government. They were all Fulani boys, the eight of them were Fulani boys.”

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Uche added that the kidnappers said any day they see the president or any of his representatives, they would chew them raw.

“That he is their brother, that the man has disappointed them and disappointed Nigerians. I told them I am a church man and they said we should negotiate.

‘’That each of us will pay N50 million and the three of us will pay N150 million. I picked my phone and negotiated. I told my people in the church to get the money, somebody said we have raised N30 million, I told SOC, any money in the office transfer it to them , life is more important than money. That was how we raised that money,” he said.

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