FIFA extends suspension of Russia, Ukraine contracts

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino

World football governing body FIFA on Tuesday extended the right of foreign players and coaches to suspend contracts with clubs in Russia and Ukraine until June next year.

According to FIFA, it follows a decision by its ruling council, that it gave “players and coaches the opportunity to train, play and receive a salary while protecting Ukrainian clubs and facilitating the departure of foreign players and coaches from Russia.”

The special rule was introduced on March 7, within two weeks of Russia invading Ukraine, initially to June 30 this year before being extended.

FIFA and European football ruling body UEFA have banned Russian teams from all international competitions.

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Football in Ukraine was suspended at the start of the invasion and clubs have been entered into European competitions this coming term, though they are not expected to host games in the country.

FIFA said it would “continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine” and that it “also continues to condemn the ongoing use of force by Russia … and calls for a rapid cessation of the war and a return to peace.”


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