My 100 days in office so bumpy - Soludo


Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo on Saturday said his first 100 days in office has been so bumpy because of grave insecurity.

Soludo, in an address to mark his 100 days in office said despite being bumpy, it has also been good, as his administration was unrelenting in tackling such challenges.

“In sum, let me assure you that so far, so bumpy but so good! Most people attest that the grave insecurity is being significantly contained, and we are unrelenting.

“All eyes are on the ball and we are determined to ensure that despite the daunting challenges, our State will remain on course to a livable and prosperous smart homeland.

“We remain focused on implementing the Soludo Solution—The People’s Manifesto, with its five driving pillars: Security, Law and Order; Economic Transformation Agenda; Social Agenda; Governance, Rule of Law and Value System; and Environment—towards a clean, green and planned sustainable communities, markets and cities,” he said.

On security and order, Soludo said his administration created a new Ministry of Homeland Affairs (for homeland security) to signal the emergency and utmost priority on homeland security.

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He added that his government embarked upon massive consultation, mobilization and sensitization of the citizens and critical stakeholders— including security agencies, the clergy, traditional rulers, town unions, youths, civil society organizations, businessmen and women, agitation groups, among others.

The criminals masquerading as agitators have been exposed, and the nexus between crime, idolatry and hard drugs has become evident. The narrative is changing and the people are seizing the conversation and initiative.

“I have declared zero tolerance for criminality and drug abuse and declared war on all criminals in Anambra State. No forest, bush or house can accommodate criminals in Anambra and the government is determined to do sustained battle with them.

“It took some years for criminality to take deep root in parts of the State and we have a longer-term perspective on sustainable solutions.

“Cohesive operational team with the State Security Council, and enhanced operational capabilities. We remain grateful to the various security agencies for the massive support and professionalism,” he said.

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