'How Ebube Oba beat mother of 4 to death in Anambra'

Ebube Oba arrested for beating mother of four to death in Anambra State

Ebube Oba arrested for beating mother of four to death in Anambra State

By Chimezie Anaso

Anambra lady, Ms Mmesoma Ekpe has narrated how her mother, Uzoamaka Ekpe, 45, was beaten to death by their Landlord’s son, Ebube Oba as a result of misunderstanding over sanitation in the compound at Nkpor, in Idemili Local Government Area of the state.

The 30 years old Oba allegedly beat Mrs Ekpe, a mother of four, to death during a fight on June 25.

Mmesoma, who is the eldest of four siblings, said their mother was a maiden of Isuochi in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia state but was married to Enugu-Ukwu in Njikoka LGA in Anambra.

She said trouble started on that Saturday when her sister wanted to go out, but was stopped by Ebube who said sanitation was going on.

She said her sister did not contest with the Oba as he was allowing others to exit the gate freely, but rather she returned to their apartment and reported to their mother.

Mmesoma said when it was past 10 am when the sanitation was over, her sister wanted to go to her business, but was again refused access by Oba.

This, she said, prompted their mother to go downstairs and intervene during which the man hit her in the mouth and chest making her lose teeth and gasping for breath.

According to her, “my sister wanted to leave the gate because our landlord’s second son refused saying there was sanitation. He asked if we had cleaned the staircase, but we normally pay for cleaning of the compound. When my mother asked why, he insulted my mother.

“So when it was after 10 am, my sister wanted to go out but he refused. When my mother came downstairs to ask why, while they were talking, the man opened the gate for another woman and my mother then asked my sister to pass, at that point they started struggling with the gate.

“He pushed my mother down and started beating my sister, on trying to save my sister, the man faced her, held her by the neck, knocked her teeth out with blows and hit her on the chest and she collapsed,” she said.

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She said they rushed the woman to three hospitals including, Mmadueke, Borromeo and Crown but she was pronounced dead by the doctors on duty.

Mmesoma said the death of the mother had thrown them into pains and uncertainty because she was the breadwinner of the family.

She further said that they were endangered and needed to vacate the compound as soon as possible while calling for justice for her deceased mother.

DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, Police Public Relations Officer in Anambra said Ebube Oba has been arrested.

Ikenga said the remains of the deceased had been deposited at the morgue and that the case would be charged to court after investigation.

According to the PPRO, preliminary information reveals that Mrs Uzoamaka had a quarrel with Oba which resulted in fisticuffs.

“The suspect hit the victim on the chest and face with a fist blow before she collapsed.

“She was rushed to the hospital and was later confirmed dead by a medical doctor on duty,”.

He said the body had been deposited to the morgue and the Oba was in police custody.


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