Russia adds 43 Canadians to dreaded blacklist

Putin and Trudeau

Putin and Trudeau

Russia has banned 43 more Canadians from entering its territory, in response to sanctions imposed by Ottawa over Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released the new blacklist on Monday.

It includes Mark Carney, the former governor of the British and Canadian central banks, and Suzanne Cowan, the leader of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

Additionally penalized are senior government employees, political advisors, and members of civil society.

The “belligerent Russophobia” of the Trudeau administration was criticized by the Russian foreign ministry.

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It claimed that the new restrictions were a response to Canada’s imposition of further sanctions in May that targeted executives of Russian businesses and members of their families.

Russia has prohibited more than 700 Canadians from entering its territory since the beginning of its offensive in Ukraine, including those who were barred on Monday.

The Russian government shut down the CBC/Radio-Canada office in Moscow in May and revoked the accreditation credentials and visas of its correspondents.

The action was taken in reprisal for Canada’s decision to restrict the Russian state-run RT in March.

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