Adewale Ayuba drops new single in praise of women

Wale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba

By Taiye Olayemi/Lagos

Fuji musician, Adewale Ayuba, has announced the release of his new musical single, “Sibi Mi” (My Spoon).

Ayuba told NAN on Friday in Lagos, said that the three-minute single was symbolic, as it addresses how women should be treated in the society, as precious beings.

The single was released on Thursday on various music streaming platforms and could be accessed on

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”Sibi mi is all about promoting the marriage institution, it is symbolic, it tells of how important my wife is to me, how she has been helpful to me and how men should relate with their wives in the society to maintain their marriages.

Cover of Ayuba's new single Sibi Mi
Cover of Ayuba’s new single Sibi Mi

“Women should not be maltreated in marriage but rather pampered and cared for, this will help the men get the best from them.

“Considering the increasing rate of divorce in the society, women should be seen as precious beings and helpmate; if well cared for, the man stands to be blessed immensely”

Ayuba urged Nigerians to draw inspiration from the newly released single to maintain their marriages, saying the implications of divorce is usually grievous on children produced by such marriages.

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