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Cycle Frontier

Cycle Frontier

A more accessible and essentially a lighter take on Escape from Tarkov, The Cycle Frontier is winning the race to become the most loved free-to-play PvEvP (Player vs. Environment vs. Player) quest shooter game. With its unique graphics, Cycle Frontier takes you to a whole new and dense world waiting to be explored. With exciting features and out-of-the-box graphics, this game is leaving no stone unturned to provide a top-notch experience to the players. But for new players, the game can sometimes get a bit confusing with finding resources, completing missions, crafting objects, and a bunch of other stuff. Worry not; we have compiled the best tips for the Cycle: Frontier from Battlelog to make things easier for you.

1.   Be aware of fall damage.

Unlike many modern shooters, such as Apex Legends, where you experience no fall damage, The Cycle: Frontier is quite different in that aspect. Even jumping off from a normal distance or a building can reduce your health levels more than you think here in the world of The Cycle: Frontier. Here, you cannot risk your life while planning to jump off from a higher distance. Even with the armor on, you will eventually die if you plan to come down a rocky cliff or a high-up building due to extreme fall damage. So, remember The Cycle: Frontier is not the game where you can hop and jump around anywhere without any consequences whatsoever.

2.   Never get yourself involved in two battles.

While this tip might sound obvious, it is an easy trap that even veteran players fall for. With several biomes, The Cycle: Frontier is filled with dangerous AI-controlled creatures that are ready to kill you anytime. And in such a harsh environment, you might find yourself dealing with two enemies simultaneously. It can be a pack of Striders to your right and an enemy ready to attack you from the back. The best advice here you can take is to go with your guts. Pick a fight first with the opponent you know you can take down quickly, then go for another one – never get involved in two fights at once, especially if there is a human player involved as well.

3.   Keep an eye on your stamina bar.

It is easy to overlook your stamina bar in The Cycle: Frontier when a lot is happening around you. But in the game where your health and stamina levels drop even with a simple jump from a building, you cannot afford to overlook them. Your stamina is both your best ally and your biggest foe at times. When your stamina bar is full, you can knock down any enemy and pass through any hurdle, but if it falls, winning the game can get more challenging for you. Even a simple movement will take a lot out of you.

So, keep an eye on your stamina levels at all times. Avoid sprinting and jumping until it is absolutely necessary.

4.   Load yourself with enough ammo

Since you will encounter various creatures along with the enemy players in The Cycle: Frontier, you must know that carrying enough ammo with you is paramount to surviving. At the start of the game, you will surely feel like your inventory is loaded up with lots of ammo. However, you should never forget that you’ll likely consume a large quantity of ammo as the game progresses. And by the time the game is in its full swing, you might have already exhausted half of your ammo. So, make sure to take enough of it at the start if you do not want an enemy player chasing you down.

5.   Have enough healing supplies and a mineral scanner

One thing that is often ignored by the players in The Cycle: Frontier is the Mineral Scanner. All players are introduced to this during the tutorial. But as the game progresses, the player often forgets about it. Even if a mineral scanner is not a permanent item you keep through death, it also helps to see where minerals are in your vicinity. Yes, if you die without hiding it in your Safe Pockets, you will have to buy another one again. Besides this, also make sure to pack enough health supplies to survive a drop.

These are some tips and tricks that you can follow to get better at The Cycle: Frontier.

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