How Vendajules Is Redefining Cosmetic Industry


Celebrity make up artist, Vendajules

Behind every celebrity’s and bride’s impeccable looks, there go endless efforts of a makeup artist who makes them look beyond perfection. When we talk about makeup, Vendajules is one of the biggest names in the Ghana entertainment and makeup industry.

Born Adaeze Maryprecious Atayobor, the celebrated makeup artist has made a name in the industry all by herself with her hard work and dedication, having worked and rolled with many Ghanaian celebrities including; Yvonne Nelson, Zynell Zuh, Juliet Ibrahim, Efya, Selly Galley, Efia Odo, and Gloria Sarfo to mention few.

The founder of Vendajules Slay World who is now a brand personality with great achievements to her name speaks about running a business in Ghana, challenges, and success stories.

As a Nigerian running a business abroad, how difficult or amazing is it?

Honestly, I wouldn’t say I started on a smooth path but I am grateful for where I am today moving on. As a Nigerian in Ghana, you are expected to meet up with some criteria before running a business, and we made sure to meet up with them. So far it’s been also amazing meeting with some of the best people in my field.

Tell us about your background.

Well, am a Nigerian born and raised in Nigeria. The first child from a family of five. I schooled at Knutsford University, Ghana. I am married to a Nigerian whom I met in Ghana. We have three kids. I now work and base in Accra.

When did you move to Ghana?

I moved to GHANA in 2010.

What do you do at Vendajules Slay World?

At Vendajules slay World we offer makeup services and makeup classes, we also sell luxury human hair and beauty products.

How long have you been in the beauty business?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for almost eight years now. I started in 2014.

You have been privileged to work with many celebrities and big brands, tell us some of them?

I have been privileged to work with some of the known celebrities in Ghana like Yvonne Nelson, Afia Schwarzenegger, Efya, Gloria Sarfo, Zynell Zuh, Juliet Ibrahim, and Selly Galley, Efe Grace, Mercy Aigbe, Ruth Kadiri, etc.

Who was the most difficult person to work with out of these personalities?

I can’t mention but I sure know how to handle my clients.

Who influences you in the beauty industry?

Firstly everyone who loves and contributes and supports the beauty industry positively influences me. There’s hope for more to be done.

What are the challenges that you face in this industry?

There are many challenges I face in the industry as a makeup artist especially when it comes to dealing with different personalities as clients. Some years ago, I had a client who booked me for a session and I got there in time she wasn’t ready for me, so I decided to wait for almost an hour before I started her session. Long story cut short she poured wine on my face because I simply asked her to please give me a minute to blend out the concealer under her eye area because she kept getting up in the process of getting the makeup done. Makeup took almost 4 hours for a fee that wasn’t worth it. These are some of the challenges we constantly face. But I believe these challenges have built and made me stronger.

Was there a time you wanted to give and do something else?

Well, yes sometimes some clients can be very frustrating but it has never stopped me from doing what I love to do most. The passion I have for makeup application is very strong. But I have thought to do something else to generate more income but not give up on makeup artistry.

How difficult and expensive is it, to set up a make-up studio?

Well, if you are starting a business in the beauty industry field, especially as a makeup artist, you must invest in quality products which in this current economy would cost you some coins. However, drugstore products are more affordable than high-end products. Setting up a makeup studio isn’t expensive or difficult for someone who already has the resources to build and set it up.

Do you train people?

Yes, we do train students who are ready to join the beauty industry by sharing with them every aspect including the Business Art of Makeup Artistry.

What empowerment project are you currently working on?

We are currently working on our upcoming MasterClass which gives a student a chance to be empowered. We set up one student to be ready to go for any makeup job at any time.

What about your success stories and achievements?

There are many, in 2021, I was awarded the Ghana style awards as outstanding makeup of the year, Ghana Media and Entrepreneurship Awards as Make of the Year, TERTIARY FASHION AWARDS; As Influential makeup artist of the year, GHANA BEAUTY AWARD; As People Choice Awards with medals.

This year we have GHANA STYLE AWARDS; For Outstanding makeup Brands of the year, GHANA MERITS AWARDS; As Entrepreneur of the year, and As Makeup artist of the year. There is some citation of honors as well including DEBBY QUEEN TAlKSHOW, THE PALINS FOUNDATION, MASSIVE CHEERFUL GIVING NETWORK, GHANA MERIT AWARDS (2), and Nano Equip Ladies Skills Acquisition Program.

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