Blockchain vibes 2022: Top Crypto influencers hit Nigeria, showcase business opportunities

Blockchain Vibes 2022

Blockchain Vibes 2022: International bitcoin experts hit Lagos, exposes youths to opportunities

July 8, 2022, was a day to remember for everyone interested in financial independence as top crypto experts and venture capitalists from different parts of the world hit Nigeria to showcase business opportunities to Africa.

The multi-city executive networking and business event, for tech, crypto, and digital enthusiasts, was hosted at the Continental Hotel in Lagos.

The event titled Blockchain Vibes 2022 was graced by top blockchain influencers and venture capitalists which include Alex Meurer, Davinci Jeremic, Mariya Ebirayim, Jiang Jiang, Kwame Opoku, Abdullahi Hun, Grey Jabesi, and many others.

Speaking at the event, the convener of the program, Franklin Peters said the purpose of the event was to raise the “vibe” of Africans who may want to give up due to the unstable nature of the crypto market.

Peters, who is the founder of Boundless Nexus Limited, said he invited international experts to navigate the necessary discussions about blockchain technology, bringing to the fore the future of decentralization and enlightenment about the evolution of money.

He noted that the market is not only about cryptocurrency but it deals with other products, emphasizing the fact that it is transparent and accountable.

Mariya Ebirayim, the Chief Business Officer of SINSO, on her part, explained what SINSO is all about and its vision for Africa.

Mariya  said;

“SINSO is a Layer 2 infrastructure for web3.0, which ultimately implements data DAO. We hope that our tools will help as many projects as possible to solve their distributed data storage problems easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We also hope to help more users achieve data ownership, and data privacy and make data an important source of income for them. Our project is already well known in Europe, Asia, and North America, and many web 2.0 and web 3.0 projects are already using our API. This time we came to Nigeria to let more project parties or users know that such a free tool is available for them to benefit from it.”

The CBO added that she visited Nigeria because of her economic strength in the African market.

She said: “Most of us in this industry are relatively new to the African market. We visited Nigeria, the core GDP region of Africa, to personally inspect and understand the local market and promote it to the Asian and European markets.”

Speaking on what was achieved at the event, Mariya said: “In blockchain vibes Lagos, I saw the passion, enthusiasm, and bright expectations of young people for the future. I was touched by their enthusiasm. Seemed to see the future of Africa! Young people are the future of our society. I hope this passion and enthusiasm spreads further.

Speaking on more opportunities provided by SINSO for Africans, the CBO said:

“For the data DAO part, we welcome more volunteers and contributors to join us and get relative compensation through their efforts and contributions. In DAO, “more work is more income”, and we hope our project turns into an important source of income for everyone.”

However, to be part of SINSO, anyone can apply here for the Senior program and achieve more work for more income.

Mariya added that: “Contributors are rewarded with $SINSO tokens, and $SINSO tokens are expected to go initial listing on the exchange in August. After going live, users can trade on the exchange.”

Abdullahi Hun, on his part, educates young Africans on QITMEE

Hun noted that QITMEER is the next generation public chain based on BlockDAG which is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact.

He stated that Qitmeer uses the classic POW consensus and UTXO data model to create a pass-through issuing mechanism based on the underlying currency and subject to review, which fits the philosophy of equal finance.

Speaking on opportunities for Africa, Hun announced that Qitmeer will set up Qitmeer Accelerator Ventures up to 10 Million USD.

He said; “The Accelerator Program will make all the digital infrastructure, such as high-performance public blockchain, swap and stablecoin in place, and look for secondary layer applications in the area of payment, Defi, DAO.”

Alex Meurer, and Davinci Jeremic, on their part, agreed that crypto is the best way to ensure wealth transfer.

The top crypto influencers enjoined Africans not to give in to any attempts to stop the new world and boundless opportunities created by crypto.

Meanwhile, Femi Adegolu, the Chairman of the planning committee for the event, thanked all the participants and encouraged Africans to utilize all the opportunities and knowledge made available via Block Chain Vibes 2022.

Adegolu said the world is changing and Africans are ready to not just catch up but build systems that can be showcased to the world.

The chairman noted that the next edition of the show will be greater.

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