aptLearn trains over 40,000 students in several IT courses

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Olaniyan Abdulganiyy, Co-founder and CTO of aptLearn

With a possible threefold increase in demand for technology-related goods and services in the nearest future, the tech industry offers a wealth of prospects. The sector is now inextricably linked to many different professional pathways, educational institutions, and everyday life.

People can learn and gain the skills they need to compete and thrive in the rapidly changing tech ecosystem online through online learning platforms.

In a recent interview with the Co-founder and CTO of a fast-rising edutech company, aptLearn, Mr Olaniyan Abdulganiyy made it known that “aptLearn recognizes the myriad opportunities technology creates and is passionate about youths tapping into these opportunities. We are positioning more youths in the fast-growing and lucrative field, with an opportunity to thrive, benefit and stand out.”

“Since its launch in March 2020, aptLearn has trained over 40,000 students from 13 countries in several IT courses, cutting across various tech fields such as software engineering, product, data science, digital marketing, cloud computing, technical writing, and many more”, Olaniyan further stated.

Emphasizing the ease of access implemented across the platform, the veteran software engineer further asserted that, “Courses on aptLearn are built and designed by professional instructors with fun and engaging quizzes, assignments, and video content to keep our students engaged, and dedicated to learning. This is in a bid to help them improve their training and develop the best online learning experience.”

“The entire team is proud of the progress we’ve made within this short time and we’re glad that the public believe in, and appreciate what we’re building. With many plans still underway, and improvements to incorporate, we aim to triple these figures in months to come, and for aptLearn to be the most sought-after online learning platform across the globe in the future.”

“We’re just getting started”, he concluded.

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