Oshiomhole mocks Peter Obi, says 'Obidient' or 'disobidient' time will tell


Obi and Oshiomhole

Former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole has mocked the Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Dr. Peter Obi, saying “this ‘Obidient’ or disobedient’ time will tell.”

Obi’s followers are the ones who coined the term ‘Obidient’, wanting people to be supportive of his presidential aspiration.

Oshiomhole, in an interview on Arise TV on Wednesday said Obi had not been able to tell Nigerians how he wanted to do what he said he was going to do.

He said Obi had also tactically dodged some intriguing questions put across to him during interviews.

“I watch your programme regularly, I have seen one of the presidential candidates, when you ask him of security, he said he would not disclose it, it is secret, so we have to vote for him on the basis of what is in his mind.

“But I can tell you, we have to double the size of the armed forces, not only in relation to the fact that our population has doubled but in relation to current challenges around the world and within our country and neighbourhood.

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“Those who have rushed out on what they want to do, how much have they expatiated on them?. I have watched them get away with number of intriguing questions you put to them.

“They have not sufficiently in most cases addressed the ‘how.’ That is why I talked about one of them, I think it was Obi, you asked him how and he said it is a secret,” he said.

One of the anchors, Reuben Abati then said: “The ‘Obidients’ will come after you sir.” Oshiomhole replied: “I will come after them. this obidient or disoidient, time will tell.

“We live in world where you can have 10 young men or women in one room, whether motivated or not motivated, and they can churn out one million stories using different names. You need to track them to find out that this one thing is being done in one room.

“Time will tell and also, what has changed? My dear friend, Obi, was a VP candidate, how come people massively disobeyed the ticket? What has changed now that you think people will be ‘Obidient’? Slogans are nice but real issues are probably nicer and I am looking forward to the campaign stage where we have to address the issues of ‘how’ because too many of us gets away with too many things.”

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