COVID-19 eases worldwide but surges in Japan

people wear masks in Tokyo Japan as COVID-19 cases surge

people wear masks in Tokyo Japan as COVID-19 cases surge

The COVID-19 situation is easing worldwide with a weekly 17% cases decline and 11% deaths decrease, but it is surging in Japan with a daily record 247,830 cases plus 215 daily deaths, the most in five months.

On Sunday, Japan announced 206,495 infections, four days after the record, for a total of 14,302,864 in 11th place, passing Spain in the past week. Deaths were 152, two days after the mark, for a total of 33,711 in 30th. Japan surpassed 200,000 for the first time two weeks ago.

In the past week, Japan added a world-high 1,495,049 infections, a 10% gain, one week after a 54% rise.

As the BA.5 Omicron subvariant spreads worldwide, infections dropped to 5,853,223 with a daily average of 836,175 and passing 1 million the last time on April 13, according to tracking by

On Jan. 21, the daily record was set at 3,842,371. The total is 589,311,389, including 563,621 Sunday after 644,604 Saturday when Japan added 227,563, including 30,970 in the capital Tokyo. The city’s record was 40,406 on July 28.

Fatalities in the past week were down to 14,603. That daily average is 2,086 with the recent low 1,294 on June 21, the lowest since 1,072 on March 21, 2020, 10 days after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

The total is 6,436,487, including 870 Sunday and 1,367 Saturday. It was previously under 1,000 on June 19 with 931.

Some nations do not report data on weekends. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t report data on Saturdays and Sundays.

Other case increases in the past week with more than 25,000 in descending order were South Korea 22% with a second-high 681,160, Russia 60% with 103,175 and Spain 31% with 34,751.

The United States reported the third most cases, 650,879 but a 26% drop, No. 4 Germany 375,002 with a 28% decline, No. 5 Italy 283,712 with a 28% decrease, No. 6 Australia 238,132 with a 24% drop, No. 7 France 225,000 ad a 35% decrease.

COVID-19 deaths
Among nations reporting more than 100 deaths with big increases in the past week: No. 4 Japan 932 with a 51% increase, No. 10 Iran 461 with a 61% rise, Peru 319 with a 39% boost, Romania 188 with a 45% rise.

The United States reported the most deaths, 2,476 but an 11% drop. Brazil was second with 1,475 and a 5% decline, Italy third with 1,059 and a 12% decrease, Germany fifth with 886 and an 11% rise.

Every continent reported a weekly case decrease. Africa dropped the most, 49% for a cumulative 12,547,258, followed by Europe 29% for a world-high 217,240,684, North America 27% for 111,518,729, South America 27% for 62,636,546, Oceania 24% for 11,642,345, Asia 2% for 173,725,106.

Asia reported the only deaths increase with 8% for 1,451,606. Decreases were Africa 58% for 257,009, Oceania 24% for 17,453, Europe 18% for a world-high 1,883,383, North America 11% for 1,508,657, South America 8% for 1,318,364.

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The U.S. leads with 1,058,738 fatalities and 93,910,150 infections, according to

The U.S. holds the world record for daily cases at 909,017 on Jan. 13. Brazil is second in deaths at 680,051, including 39 Sunday and fourth in cases at 34,074,568, including 7,198 Sunday.

India is second in cases at 44,145,732, including 18,738 Sunday and third in deaths at 526,689, including 40 Sunday.

India has the daily deaths record at 4,529 on May 18, 2021, with no adjustments from regions.

Russia is fourth in deaths at 382,697, including 46 Sunday with 34 eight days ago, tied for the least since April 16, 2020.

In the top 10 for deaths, Mexico is fifth with 328,320 including 14 Sunday, Peru sixth with 214,637 and 85 Sunday, Britain seventh with 183,052 with no data on weekends, Italy eighth with 173,136 including 74 Sunday, Indonesia ninth with 157,095 including 13 Sunday and France 10th with 152,537 with no change Sunday.

In the top 10 for cases, France is third with 34,074,568 including 21,528 Sundayt, Germany is fifth with 31,228,314.

Britain is sixth with 23,368,899, Italy seventh with 21,2313,427 including 26,656 Sunday, South Korea eighth with 20,489,128 including 105,507 Sunday, Russia ninth with 18,692,396 including 19,974 Sunday, Turkey 10th with 16,295,817.

Korea’s 110,610 cases Saturday were the first time the nation reported more than six digits since 107,882 April 16.

In all, more than 12.4 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, a gain of 100 million, with the world’s population of 7.9 billion, according to Bloomberg tracking.

Mainland China leads with 3.4 billion doses administered and a 92.4% one-shot vaccination rate among the 1.5 billion population, the most in the world.

India is second with 2 billion among the 1.4 billion population and a 74.1% rate.

Broken down by world regions, Asia-Pacific, Latin American and U.S.-Canada have administered at least one dose to 80% of the population, with Europe at 69%, Middle East 57% and Africa at 26%, according to The New York Times tracking. The percentages didn’t change from the past two weeks.

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