BBNaija 7: Bryann, Ilebaye settle rift after altercation 


Bryann and Ilebaye

Following the rift Bryann and Ilebaye had on Monday, the pair were seen today trying to make amends in a meeting that only the two of them attended.

Their argument yesterday got so bad that even the Level 2 Housemates were left dumbfounded.

Bryann and Ilebaye sat on the couch in the lounge and talked about the argument.

They also went into how they related to one each other as fellow housemates, which caused Bryann to elaborate on his emotions.

Bryann cautioned Ilebaye about her choice of words which might have been what sparked the argument.

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Ilebaye explained her point of view and judging by her calm demeanour, she seemed to understand Bryann’s standpoint as well.

After a lengthy explanation of what angered him, Bryann offered his apology for the argument, and Ilebaye followed suit.

All is well in the Level 2 House again as peace and calm were restored yet again.

The pair soon left the couch and joined their fellow Housemates who were working on their Ankara-inspired fashion Task for this week’s Wager.

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