I’ll Fix Education Sector In 6 Months - Accord Presidential Candidate, Professor Chris


Professor Christopher Imumolen

Professor Chris Imumolen, the Presidential candiate of the Accord Party has vowed to fix Nigeria’s education sector in six months if elected as president come Febuary 2023.

Imumolen an academia , a vastly certified scholar and the youngest candidate in the current race for Nigeria’s presidency made this pledge on during a massive interactive session organized by the PCI movement by his friends across Lagos.

At the sesion, he also unleashed several empowerment schemes for farmers and other practitioners inlucding the “I Will Prosper” business scheme to accommodate Nigerians who will reap freely from a network that raises millionaires through financial and business opportunities.

Same day, he dolled out funds running into several millions to different lucky individuals.
According to Imumolen, the human capital of any nation remains the most vital, the reason he promised to give it paramount attention as president, stressing that the education sector will be allotted about 20% of the budget to ensure that things augur totally well.

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He proceeded to assure that the infrastructure in the sector will receive a huge deal through an overhauling strategy that will eliminate age long bureaucracy and corruption that have strangulated the vital sector too long.

“As president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will ensure that lecturers will be paid as at when due; that the academic environment will be conducive for all students, and they will have cross cultural alignments with foreign students as whites and learners from various climes will find the Nigerian education sector so appealing”, Imumolen promised.

Prof. Imumolen is famous as one education enthusiast and investment/management guru who has not just ensured business cum economic empowerments for thousands of Nigerians, but has gone ahead to grant scholarship awards to over 500,000 Nigerians who have educational access to quality international education and certifications, and this has been happening for over 12 years now.

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