BBNaija: Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel weeps

Prophet Samuel Ilechukwu

BBNaija: Prophet Ilechukwu Samuel weeps

By Prophet Samuel Ikechukwu

The Imperative Of BBNaija hosts to use such platforms to refocus the mindsets of our teeming youths on the 2023 election and on nation-building is now

Big Brother is becoming a huge distraction to our youth. It corrupts the minds of the growing believer.

Youth and Christians should avoid such nefariousness.  Our core focus and mandates as youths should be channeled on the Revival of our Nation without any distractions such as BBNaija.

My advice to the Nigerian Youths is to remain focused, resilient, and undeterred in ensuring that we all join hands in redeeming our beloved country Nigeria from our delude corrupt leaders/elites’ whims and the precipice of deriding and depriving us of a better future, while imploring the BBNaija hosts too to always edit the properly the contents they are conveying to the general public most especially the sensitive sexual aspect of the show which can only motivate an insatiable quest, crave and urge for sex in the life of our growing youths who are our future hopefuls.

We are very much mindful and concerned of the adverse effects and the resultant consequences of such displays in BBNaija in the life of our youths because it can only increase the inordinate desires for rape, unwanted Pregnancy and etc which we are fighting to reduce to the lowest minimum or even to ground zero.

Again, there are so many disturbing ongoing mind games there, and what we see on social media blogs is also unacceptable and unfair, even if you don’t care about such posts The Posts, our youths and teenagers are using android phones today.

We as Citizens Should all Stand and re-channel our energies on the greater challenges we are facing presently in our Nation such as our dilapidating security institutions and architectures which have given birth to a high rise of insecurity in the country such as: kidnapping, banditry, terrorism, wanton killings, herdsmen crises, and menace.

Today, no place in our Nation could be termed as secured be it The East, West, North And South, we are facing one of the greatest and worst challenges as a nation that warrants all hands to be on the desk to nip the militating issues and crises from the bud devoid of any distractions if we must get it right, grow and survive as a nation, and I strongly and earnestly believe that with togetherness we shall conquer , their is this popular adage that says; “United we stand and divided we fall”

As a Prophet of the highest God am weeping while writing this piece and I do hope that we adhere strictly to each and every points highlighted in this piece and seats up to the betterment of our beloved nation , just imagine, No Free and safer road again today for Travellers without being kidnapped, ASUU Strike Is Now seen as a Normal omen.

Today Our children are idle only going for parties and watching BBNaija; Our Leaders are owing Many nations and still borrowing; Our Currency Has Lost so much value ; We Are Still Playing With The Policies That May Bring a Worst Leadership if our Youths are more distracted ;our University Graduates are trooping in mass into the entertainment industry as their last succour , thereby turning entertainers overnight outside their chosen course of professional without the required prerequisites and talents in such industry due to bad leadership and high rate of unemployment and I don’t blame them in this regards, rather I blame of leadership policies in the country.

You now have evil gangs here and there,many are now into drugs and yahoo fast lane, Aviation fuel Is so high now ; Our Medical System Is Zero COVID 19 exposed us ; our borders are so porous, our daughters are on the streets for prostitution in order to support their families because our leaders lack the creativity and insights to creat Job, the ones that has job are being sacked because the economy can no longer allow cash inflow or bussiness growth.

At this point I was expecting shows like BBNaija to dedicate this year’s show on the imperative of the youths to focus on next election

At this juncture, I pray for God’s wisdom on our youths because there is a great open doors for us all but there are many adversaries and I pray that all youths will be delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ Our Lord and savior. Amen

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