Usain Bolt moves to trademark victory pose


Usain Bolt

Retired World Champion, Usain Bolt, has moved to trademark his signature victory pose for business in the United States of America.

The track legend used to celebrate by leaning back and gesturing toward the sky, also known as the two-hand lightning salute. His victory pose became popular as he smashed world records, and won several laurels.

According to reports, Bolt is looking to start a new clothing and accessories brand under the iconic logo.

He wants to protect the logo showcasing his signature victory pose and has already submitted an application for the same.

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The filing indicates the fastest man in history will use the distinctive stance to market a range of products including sunglasses, jewellery, bags, and sporting goods, as well as restaurants and sports bars.

Josh Gerben, a Washington DC-based trademark expert, told Bloomberg: “The list is relatively extensive. The logo could be licensed, or he could make those products himself.”

He previously applied to register a similar trademark 12 years ago, but this has since lapsed after going unused.

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