Nigerians hail UN appointment of Obieze as Special Envoy on Education


Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi, UN-IPGC Africa Head of Mission presenting the award and letter of appointment to Obieze

Nigerians on Thursday hailed the UN International Peace and Governance Council (UN-IPGC) for appointing Dr. Chimbo Obieze as Special Envoy on Sustainable Peace Education to Anambra.

Some persons who spoke to NAN said Obieze deserved the special recognition because he has given scholarships to more than 2,000 needy pupils in Anambra.

Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi, UN-IPGC Africa Head of Mission handed the award and letter of appointment to Obieze recently in Abuja.

He achieved the humanitarian feat of keeping children in schools in Anambra through his Support Children Education Fund (SCEFUND).

Speaking, Prof. Marcel Ezenwoye, President of Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners UK (CIEPUK) Africa Region, said Obieze deserved to be celebrated.

According to him, Obieze has pulled so many children out of the street through his SCEFUND organization.

`I call for more partners to support SCEFUND mandate.

“I also call on the Anambra State Government through the Ministry of Education to make education fee easier for parents and teeming youths to access quality education,” he said.

Maj.-Gen. Bello Tsoho said that Obieze should not relent in his good works to humanity but continue on the track record he had set through his SCEFUND project.

Tsoho, the IPGC Chairman, Advisory Panel on Sustainable Peace Education, noted that no effort should be spared in ensuring that “every child is in school for their upbringing to be holistic“.

“I call on the good people of Anambra State to sustain this ongoing effort for the betterment of the future of our children and society at large,” he said.

Chief Dennis Ezeora, a leader in Atani Community, said that Obieze had supported some families in his community for their children to continue schooling.

Ezeora, a retired primary school Teacher in Anambra, said Obieze supported many families in his community to train their children.

“We are grateful to Dr. Obieze for this timely intervention notwithstanding the harsh economic realities facing everyone,” he said.

Mrs. Chioma Anichebe, an Onitsha resident, said that when it was difficult for her four children to go to school at a time, Obieze’s organization gave the family a lifeline.

“SCEFUND provided the extra funding to keep them in the private primary schools they are attending now,” Anichebe said.

SCEFUND is a certified organization involved in grooming and supporting the education of upcoming leaders who will take charge of tomorrow in their various fields of human endeavors.

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