Why Bitcoin Price Will Eventually Surge



Bitcoin has had a tragic six months, but experts believe it will reach $100,000 sooner or later. Since its inception, cryptocurrency has grown tremendously in popularity as an asset class.

Some believe its price will rise regardless of the current situation, while others believe its bubble is about to burst. Because of the numerous benefits and advantages digital assets provide, individuals and enterprises are adopting them globally.

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Cryptocurrencies are also a source of passive income for thousands of people working in the investment industry. However, a little-known fact about digital assets is that they are closely related to inflation and recession.

Bitcoin has had a tragic six months, but experts believe it will reach $100,000 sooner or later. Recently, the crypto market has increasingly tracked the stock market, making it even more intertwined with global economic factors.

June turned out as Bitcoin’s worst trading month in over a decade, with cryptocurrency experiencing increased volatility, surging from more than US$2,000 in minutes to a multi-day high of just under US$21,000 in minutes.

This uptick, however, did not last long, and the asset soon fell below US$20,000.

What Causes Bitcoin’s Extreme Volatility?

Bitcoin is highly volatile than other investment assets for a reason. Unlike traditional assets, most digital currencies, including Bitcoin, have no underlying asset.

Their worth depends on how well the business performs or how advanced the company’s innovations are. Even if investors dislike it, the value of Bitcoin will rise and fall.

And this indicates that the performance of the cryptocurrency is solely dependent on investor speculation about how the market will perform.

Due to this feature, Bitcoin has experienced wild swings, even within 24 hours. Several other events have caused the Bitcoin price to plummet.

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Forecasts for 2023 and 2024

BTC will be available in 2023 at $50,000 if everything goes as planned. Predictions also show that the coin’s value will reach nearly $65,000 by the year’s second quarter.

Furthermore, many expect BTC to end in 2023 at US$79,538. The almost 93% increase in value (compared to 2022) indicates that if the current trend continues, BTC will be able to reach the predicted price of US$126,127 by the end of 2025.

If Bitcoin has a successful 2023, it should begin in 2024 at US$79,538 and only grow from there. The mid-year value of BTC is likely to be US$87,354, implying that a single coin will be worth more than $100,000 by the end of 2024.

This represents a significant increase over the value of BTC in 2022.

Bitcoin is Predicting a Future Surge

BTC’s upward trend continued throughout the week, but investors are wary of its market movements. The coin has been trending recently, but the surge could also be due to the Biden administration’s executive order instituting methods to increase crypto adoption.

However, key indicators have spoken out as crypto analysts forecast a massive Bitcoin price increase soon. They predict that if Bitcoin fails to break the $47,000 barrier, it will fall into a crypto coma and eventually lose its market dominance.

As more businesses adopt Bitcoin as a payment method, its value will likely stabilize.

With this increased trading space for Bitcoin, the market scope expands for investors, traders, and other governments to explore the crypto domain for long-term investments.

For the time being, Bitcoin will likely achieve future gains. However, the market remains volatile. A price increase does not bring market stability. As a result, before investing in Bitcoin, investors should be mentally prepared to face losses and ready for volatility.

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