Bella, Sheggz issued strike for infringing on Big Brother’s rules 


Sheggz and Bella

Bella and Sheggz have been issued a Strike for infringing on Big Brother’s rules while Rachel gets a warning over her altercation with Bella and Sheggz.

An hour before the Live Show, Biggie summoned the Housemates to the Lounge for an undisclosed matter.

Looking at past events, Phyna was quick to identify that a Housemate’s highlight was about to be played and she was right.

After the Housemates were settled, Biggie proceeded to show the Highlights of Bella, Rachel, and Sheggz’ altercation.

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He also shared highlights of Sheggz’s time as Tail of House. When the highlights were done, Biggie proceeded to chide Rachel and Bella over how they handled their temper when they had a disagreement.

In conclusion, Rachel was issued a warning while Bella was issued a Strike for crossing the line of provocation.

As for Sheggz, Biggie chided him for not taking his punishment as Tail of House seriously. For this action, he was issued a Strike.

This means if Bella and Sheggz get two more Strikes, they will be disqualified from the House.

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