Flooding: Olufemi Ajadi drops important message for Ogun govt.

Olufemi Ajadi

File Photo: Olufemi Ajadi speaking with newsmen

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) gubernatorial candidate for Ogun, Comrade Olufemi Ajadi has urged the Ogun State government to rise to the challenge of ameliorating the incidence of flooding in several neighbourhoods in the state.
Ajadi also advised residents in flood-prone areas to be more alert and take the next possible move towards safeguarding their lives and properties.
Speaking against the background of the recent rains, which had resulted in flooding in many neighbourhoods of the state, he said the state government should rise to the occasion of finding a lasting solution to it.
He decried the deplorable state of public infrastructure in the state, especially in neighbourhoods far from the city centre, saying they were like neglected people.
“The reason government exists is for the people, and any problem that confronts the citizens is the responsibility of the government”.
He reiterated his stance that there were enough resources in the state to provide basic infrastructure for the people, adding that only insensitivity on the side of the government would make it look the other way while the citizens it was supposed to cater for were suffering lack of such infrastructure.
“The rains have again shown how very lacking the state is in infrastructure. Almost everywhere we surveyed was flooded with several vehicles breaking down at random.
“Many road users were forced to remove their shoes and wade through very dirty water. There are many potholes and worse, no gutters to channel the floods to”, he said.
He referred to recent warnings by the meteorological department saying that alone was enough to wake the government from its slumber.
“A lot of money is wasted every day by citizens once it rains. Aside from the vehicles that get split outrightly, many get stuck on the road, and the passengers, are forced to get to their offices and workplaces late.
“The loss is too much”, Ajadi said.
According to him, the gateway state has reached a stage in its development where necessities should work, so that the economy would be boosted and so that the level of suffering of the people could reduce.
The governorship candidate advised the Ogun people to be careful how they move about in the wake of those rains, especially against the backdrop that the floods have a way of covering up deep gullies that could drown unsuspecting individuals and livestock. and also swallow vehicles.
“Our survey round the state, for example, did not only cover Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode and others you could say are in the mainland. It also took us to Sango areas down to the Olambe Giwa axis where we saw many craters on the roads, with canals close to the undone roads and yet not covered.
“In these places, including Ibafo, Mowe and Ajuwon, many neighbourhoods were covered by flood, and we were left wondering, the offences of the people living there.
“How can a set of people say they are government and refuse to provide basic comfort for the people?”, he rhetorically queried.
“My advice to the people of Ogun first and foremost, is to take additional precaution in this season for their lives and safety, while we will continue to urge the government to rise to its responsibility.
“Parents particularly should be careful sending their children on errands because of the floods”, he advised
He also called on the Ogun electorates to open their eyes in the forthcoming election so that they would not make a huge mistake once again.
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