What transpired when Jonathan stormed Niger for Abdulsalami, Babangida (Photos)

Jonathan 1

Jonathan with Abdulsalami during the visit

By Aminu Garko

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday stormed Minna, Niger State to visit former Heads of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (Rtd) and Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (Rtd).

He advised eligible Nigerians to elect credible leaders in 2023 general elections to ensure good democratic governance in the country.

Speaking with newsmen, the former president said it was only by so doing that the desired objectives of having responsible leaders to manage the country resources would be a reality.

Jonathan said that Nigerians should think wisely elect someone who would be ready to serve them well in 2023.

He explained that the Nigerians needed to choose someone who would serve them well and would not compromise the interest of the country for their benefit.

He said, “We all wish our country well. To every Nigerian, especially the young ones, elections are coming, they have to elect the person they believe would lead us well, the person who will serve us well.

Jonathan with Babangida
Jonathan with Babangida

“A leader is also a servant and as a President, you are to lead and you are to serve. Elect somebody that will take the interest of all of us, the interest of the country, somebody that would not compromise our own interest for his own aggrandizement.

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“Someone that would carry all of us along. Most especially someone that would take Nigeria as a project”, he said

Jonathan explained that the visit to Abdulsalam was one which he normally do every year and that there was nothing special, adding that Nigeria still needed Abdulsalam and the part he played in maintaining peace and unity in the country.

“It has been over a year since I visited the state. As the youngest former President, I go around from time to time to visit them. I haven’t seen General Abdulsalami for quite some time and you know he just came back from medical treatment abroad.

“So it is proper for me to come with some of my friends to pay a courtesy call and greet him. We also made a stop at General Babangida’s house to see him. It is a regular visit we always do.

Jonathan with Abdulsalami and others during the visit
Jonathan with Abdulsalami and others during the visit

“I wish General Abdulsalam well because we need him, especially now that we are talking about the 2023 elections. You know he chairs the National Peace Committee that tries to midwife peace process during elections, this is the time he is much needed.

“I know there will be so much pressure on him now to see what he can do so that the 2023 elections can be conducted freely and fairly and in an environment where there is peace and love,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) reports that NNPP presidential candidate Rabiu Kwamkwaso also visited Abubakar.


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