From the street to the throne: Review of Asake's ‘Mr. Money With The Vibe’


Asake album cover "Mr Money With The Vibe"

By Agwuma Kingsley

Everything that concerns Asake is here to stay. From his unique form of music to his blend of fashion style and swagger, coupled with the manner he creates music almost everyone on the street could tap into every diverse story he brings to light. Even on his debut studio album “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” he becomes a sparse creator.

Mr. Money as he is often called explores stories that make him wax stronger. From being a dedicated hustler, who pronounced that he won’t dull to make ends meet, he grows in gratitude to God, and also littered his emotion for his woman around a few tracks on the album. As well, he laced the project with more of his native Yoruba dialect, pidgin English, and often barrels of loaded slang that cuts across most titles of the project.

Asake, also extended his creative energy on the project to explore lamba. Some songs are vibe-oriented and revelers would cherish, long for them, and appreciate such releases. Tracks like the vibrant Magic Sticks produced “Terminator,” “Peace Be Unto You,” “Sungba (remix)” featuring Burna Boy and “Organise,” power the rounds as they come with every potential to keep revelers together.

It doesn’t end there either as Asake’s coast on the album also travels wide across making happy moments, and also basking in the euphoria the good life comes with. For the piano lead track like the American rapper, Russ’s assisted “Reason,” brightens the project. As Asake becomes introspective and personal he talks about how he takes responsibility for his career without caring about detractors. Moving forward, the chemistry between Russ and Asake sounded amazing.

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For Asake, apart from being one of the current popping artiste that eventually appeals more to the streets demography, his musical descent should be considered as such one that has created an innovative sound and style. So far, considering Asake’s trajectory to stardom, it is the major reason for his sudden rise and it is wise to say that he has more to unfold in less than no time. His consistency is also commendable.

With his sounds as refreshing as his unorthodox style, on the album, sometimes he sounds emotional like he did on “Nzaza,” as he talks about his story in between applying vulnerability on the cause of his journey to this point. He launched further to express an important part of his story as he continues to become personal on “Ototo,” accepting that everyone is different and that they should carry their separate burden because he has no stamina to lift for himself and for other people.

In addition, Asake’s originality is part of what crowns this album as well as his ginger and energy that centers it. On “Dull,” which became the perfect opener, and the best so far I have experienced in a short while. For the album generally, the experience would always keep Asake fresh and as a unique artiste. Being himself, exploring his story, and unveiling all that he loves is what combine to make this album.

Clubbing, having fun, popping champagnes, and rocking life are part of the elements that make this LP — Mr. Money With The Vibe. This is who Asake is, although he can be introverted, accept him for who he is and wait for what he has next to offer.

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