Real reason Nigeria is enmeshed in poverty, insecurity - Obasanjo



Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo says Nigeria is still enmesh in poverty, insecurity and political division because of the choice of leaders.

Obasanjo spoke on Saturday at the 113th anniversary of King’s College, in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

He lamented that Nigeria is currently politically divided and economically disunited, saying the country has gone down the drain.

The former president stated that diplomatically, Nigeria was nowhere to be found, saying that before now, the nation used to send troops to Sudan, Sierra Leone, but that today, Nigeria could not send troops to the Republic of Benin.

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According go Obasanjo, there are three races in the world, white, yellow, and black. For now, America is leading the whites, the Chinese is leading the yellow race, and Nigeria with 225m people is created by God to lead the black race.

“When we stop disappointing ourselves we can take care of the continent and the black race. Nigeria has no business with poverty, insecurity, or political division.”

He insisted that the problems the nation had been plunged into was as a result of the choice of leaders the people chose to be at the helm of affairs.

‘‘It is the advertently or inadvertently choice of our leaders. It is not God’s choice for us. If God hasn’t chosen that for us we can do better. For Nigeria, we have done a few things right but we have not continued to do it right,” he added.

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