I will curse any politician attempting to bribe me - Pastor Enenche


Pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche, founder, Dunamis International Gospel Centre has vowed to curse any politician who will attempt to bribe him for a service.

He spoke during a sermon on Sunday, saying that no politician could stand him in the face and demand for his help for a price.

According to him, “Men of truth, they are not double tongued, they are not truth breakers, they are not promise breakers, they are not unreliable and undependable, they hate covetousness, they can’t be bribed, you can’t buy them, money is not their goal.

“If you can be bought, it means your life has a price. There is no politician who can look at our eyes and say can you help or assist me and this is the price.

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“I will curse you from your head to your toe, because there is nothing you can give me that God can’t give me and there is nothing you can give me that I cannot give myself. There are some people, their god is their belly.”

He added: “An American lady came one day, she was talking in a very arrogant way. I have come from America, I speak in American English, I have come to see if the Church has any need that we can help. I told her, if you have a need, tell us we would help you.

“We help thousands of people all the time, we don’t go around begging and looking for money, if you have a need, tell us, the pride broke and she disappeared. You’re telling a lion that you want to kill meat for him.”


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