CAN to Nigerians: Do not give up, continue to pray


CAN President, Most Rev. Daniel Chukwudumebi Okoh

Archbishop Daniel Okoh, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, and Co-chairman of the Nigeria Interreligious Council said Nigeria will be great if the citizens remain steadfast and prayerful in pursuing the Nigeria project.

“Though we are still facing challenges, let us not give up,” Okoh said in his message to mark Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Anniversary on Saturday.

He added that Nigeria has the potential to not only be great but continue to lead Africa on the global stage.

While urging Nigerians to pray fervently for the success of the 2023 elections, the CAN president advised the Federal Government to resolve the impasse with university lecturers, for the sake of young people whose future is at stake.

“Let us continue to rely on the faithfulness of God as we continue to do the best we can to ensure justice and peace reign in our country.

“I urge you to take the unpleasant experiences that have plagued our nation in the past as necessary lessons of life that will make us a stronger, better, and resilient nation on earth.

“In the face of the hardships in our country, let us continue to exercise patience through perseverance as we bring all our challenges to God, trusting that He will reveal His righteousness and grant us justice in our times of distress,” he added.

He said that CAN would continue to speak and stand up against injustice and work for peace in a constructive way.

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“As we march gallantly towards the next general elections, let us bear in mind that we have a stake in this country, and so refrain from engaging in acts that will destroy the fortunes and the prospects of this nation.

“Rather than take up arms to kill each other and terrify innocent Nigerians, adults in this nation should take up their voters’ card and go to the polls.

“We must resist any threat, strong or subtle, in whichever form to stop us from going out to vote on the day of elections,” Okoh emphasized.

The CAN president also urged Nigerians to shun vote-buying.

“Politicians who present some inducement to voters, especially on the polling day are not really interested in the welfare of the people.

“I counsel you to look out for politicians who are genuine and who are sincere to provide the basics that will be the catalyst for economic growth and development,” he said.

Okoh prayed to God to rescue Nigeria from the hands of wicked people, grant peace to the country and help the people to love one another irrespective of religious and ethnic diversities.

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