Petit hits out at Mbappe, tells PSG striker to 'grow up'


Kylian Mbappe

France World Cup winner Emmanuel Petit is fed up of an ‘annoying’ Kylian Mbappe at PSG and has asked the forward to ‘grow up’.

Petit made the comments after Mbappe uploaded a cryptic Instagram story where he used the hashtag ‘Pivot gang’ which has been interpreted as a dig at Galtier after he was deployed as a lone striker against Reims.

It is believed the French forward was given assurances that he would be played in a two-man attack with a player in behind, rather than PSG’s usual front three. However, the coach tried to play down the situation calling it a “reaction in the heat of the moment, after a moment of disappointment.”

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Reacting to Mbappe’s reaction, Petit believes that the PSG talisman is out of touch with reality and should put the interests of the club ahead of anything that is personal.

“He annoys everyone today. He makes it personal all the time. He even puts himself above the institution. Has everything that has happened in recent months gone to his head? You were on the right side when you arrived at PSG, then you were on the left. Now you are in the centre. But it’s never fixed on the pitch. The players up front spend their time moving around and switching in their respective areas,” he told RMC Sport.

“The club is more important than any one player. Today, Mbappé’s statements are irrelevant and show a lack of respect for the institution, but also for his partners. Because by saying that, he is targeting his coach but also certain players. I find that regrettable.”

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