Lagosians will not re-elect a failure, Jandor replies Sanwo-Olu

Jandor and Sanwo-Olu

Jandor and Sanwo-Olu

Lagos PDP Governorship candidate, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (JANDOR) said that it is evident that the people of the state are now wiser after 4 years of ‘inhuman administration’ under the Sanwo-Olu-led APC government.

The PDP candidate said the people of Lagos will no longer fall for the last-minute window-dressing ‘by an incompetent set of experimental guinea pigs who have foisted themselves on the masses over the years.’

JANDOR in his reaction to a statement credited to Mr. Sanwo-Olu at the kick-off of his re-election campaign on Wednesday during the Ehingbeti Summit stated that the people of Lagos will not put themselves under further slavery because of last-minute fake promises from Sanwo-Olu government.

He said: “Sanwo-Olu by his outburst intended to hoodwink Lagosians by distracting them from the perennial failure, unfulfilled promises, and infrastructural decays that define his four years as Governor with more fake promises to the people who are already seeking ways out of their long years of enslavement by the ruling party.”

Adediran appraised the challenges confronting the state in the last 4 years and urged well-meaning Lagosians to no longer play the ostrich but to remain steadfast in their resolution to install a true government of the people and enjoy a breath of fresh air in 2023.

He said good governance is not rocket science but it primarily entails prioritizing the interest of the people, listening to the voices of the oppressed in the decision-making process, responding actively to the immediate and future needs of the state, and eradicating corruption.

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He maintained that the state can no longer be controlled by “the stooges of an individual who are only in service to corner the wealth of the state to themselves and their master.”

He averred that endemic corruption and crass ineptitude of the incumbent administration has stunted the growth and development of the state.

“Lagosians have been so much taken for granted in the last 23 years by successive administrations with the current as the worst.”

JANDOR stated that “at least the administration of Akinwunmi Ambode in his four years had four bridges which are the Abule-Egba, Ajah, Agege, and the International Airport road Flyovers to his 4 years in office. But Sanwo-Olu, despite increasing both the local and foreign debt of the state, has no single completed project on the street of Lagos to justify the huge debt he has plunged the state into.”

“He has failed and Lagosians will not re-elect failure.”

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