Russian fighter-bomber jet crashes into residential building


The jet crashes into building

A Russian Su-34 supersonic fighter-bomber jet has crashed into a residential building in the city of Yeysk on Monday.

RIA Novosti reports that the crash was due to ignition of one of the engines

 According to the Defense Ministry, 0n October 17, 2022, while climbing to perform a training flight from the military airfield of the Southern Military District, a Su-34 aircraft crashed.
It said the aircraft crashed within the city of Yeysk.
The ministry said according to the report of the ejected pilots, the cause of the plane crash was the ignition of one of the engines during takeoff.
According to the department,  jet fuel caught fire at the scene in the courtyard of one of the residential areas.
RIA Novosti said according to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, after the plane crashed, a fire broke out on 2,000 square meters, burning from the first to the fifth floors of a multi-storey residential building.
Information about the dead and injured is being specified.
The department added that  “at 18:27, the rank of fire No. 3 was announced. There was a fire from the 1st to the 5th floor of a residential building.”
The Kremlin reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin listened to the reports of ministers and the governor of Kuban and instructed the head of the region, the heads of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Health to fly to Yeysk to help the victims.
The Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratiev was quoted on Telegram to have said he had already left for the Yeisk District.
He said the fire engulfed several floors at once, saying that 17 apartments were previously damaged.
“We began to install a help center for residents of the house, we will provide support to everyone,” he wrote.
He clarified that emergency services and ambulance crews are working at the scene of the tragedy. All regional and regional fire and rescue garrisons are engaged in extinguishing the fire.
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