Kingsview TV to premiere ‘Finding Dorothy’ Friday

Kingsview TV to premiere ‘Finding Dorothy’ Friday

Kingsview TV to premiere ‘Finding Dorothy’ Friday

In keeping with its mandate of telling compelling stories, streaming platform, Kingsview TV will, on Friday, October 28, 2022, start streaming its latest production, ‘Finding Dorothy’.

A story of uncommon friendship and sacrifice, the film stars some of the acclaimed actors in Nigeria including the likes of Bolaji Ogunmola, Scarlet Gomez, Preacher Bassey, Inem King and Maggie Osuome.

In ‘Finding Dorothy’, Ife, a media consultant, returns home from work to find that her help, Dorothy has gone missing. She doesn’t know what to think, especially when there are indications that Ife may have run away.
Nudged by the need to find answers, Ife puts her job and personal relationships on the line as she goes in search of Dorothy determined to find her, no matter the price.

Producer of the flick, Blossom Chukwujekwu said that ‘Finding Dorothy’speaks to the multi-layered challenges Nigerians face today. In his words, ‘Finding Dorothy’ is a movie that both entertains and challenges the imagination of its viewers.

“The world is in a seaming crisis today and the best way to navigate the everyday challenges we face is by reminding ourselves not to lose our humanity. ‘Fiding Dorothy’ is a film that speaks to this topic, exploring an exciting storyline.

“The movie is a reminder that we are more united than we know, or are made to believe. That is why Ife is willing to lay aside the class difference between them to go in search of her beloved help. The film also explores other sub-themes like insecurity and the need for a just society,” Chukwujekwu said.

He further revealed that the film would be screening exclusively on the Kingsview streaming platform; as well as on its mobile app which can be accessed via the ios and Google play store.

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