President Buhari to Nigerians: Terror a reality of the world, do not panic

President Buhari

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has advised the nation’s security establishment and entire citizens to continue being vigilant and careful with security, saying it is important to avoid panic.

Buhari issued the statement on Friday amidst the travel advisory by several Western countries, warning of possible terror attacks in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

The president urged citizens to remain calm, noting that the recent changes in travel advice from the US and UK governments should not be a cause for panic.

He said: “Nigeria is no exception in having terror threats listed in foreign government’s travel advice to their citizens. UK and US travel advisories also state there is a high likelihood of terror attacks in many Western European nations. Indeed, the UK and US advice to their respective citizens for travel to one another’s countries contain the same warning. Unfortunately, terror is a reality of the world over.

“However, it does not mean an attack in Abuja is imminent. Since the July prison raid, security measures have been reinforced in and around the FCT. Heightened monitoring and interception of terrorist communications ensure potential threats are caught further upstream.

“Attacks are being foiled. Security agents are proactively rooting out threats to keep citizens safe – much of their work unseen and necessarily confidential.”

Buhari assured that Nigerians’ safety remains the highest priority of his government.

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The president said security services are working around the clock to keep harm at bay.

He also gave assurances that the government is on top of the security situation in the country.

He further urged Nigerians not to cause unnecessary panic.

The president said: “It is also important that responsible members of the society do not create situations leading to unnecessary panic.”

President Buhari also commended the military and other security agencies for the recent turnaround in the nation’s security.

He ordered that additional precautionary measures be put in place and that these must not slacken now, and during the upcoming festive period.

President Buhari expressed optimism that given the ongoing efforts on the part of the military and other security and intelligence agencies with the active support of the civilian population, the nation will emerge victorious against the current challenges facing it.

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