Dele Momodu, case of celebrity emperor's new clothes - Onoh


Dr. Josef Onoh

Member of the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Josef Onoh has described the Ovation Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu as one cladded in an ’emperor’s new clothes,’ advising him not to turn himself into an object of mockery in the guises of being a campaign spokesman.

The ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a literary folktale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about a vain emperor who gets exposed before his subjects.

Onoh said one of the values that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu holds in high esteem is the culture of respect, particularly for an elder, which constrains him from hitting back at Momodu for making uncomplimentary remarks about Tinubu.

Responding to Momodu’s faux pas on Tinubu, Onoh said it will be in contradiction for anybody that works for Asiwaju to go down to the gutters such as Chief Dele Momodu does.

“However, while no insult is aimed at Chief Momodu as an elder contrary to what he has done to my principal, it would be fair enough to remind Momodu that politics is a serious statecraft that is distinct from his chosen celebrity and lifestyle of entertainment. For a celebrity entertainer like him, who undoubtedly expects some measure of respect, who feels and prides himself an intellectual, and whose words the society is expected to be taken seriously, it would be an antithesis and sad for such a symbol to reduce himself to the level of street urchins with trivial and myopic views on matters of national interest.

“The Asiwaju’s race for presidency is not for personal quest, but what was expected from someone who says he believes in one Nigeria was to join hands to support the movement for a better Nigeria and not to castigate Asiwaju. His envy has become a norm for a man who continuously has continued to have issues with different people.

“This is a man whose political life started and ended with MKO Abiola, only observing the entire June 12 democracy struggle from London rather than an on the ground active participant. You have joined different political parties out of which you never made any success in any of them. Since you do not have what it takes to continue running for elections which you affirmed in your own words in various publications neither do you have dedicated followers, why can’t he leave those who are contesting for elections instead of castigating and truncating them?

“It’s on record that as the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party, NCP, you lost elections at your Ward 10 unit 24 at Wasimi Community High School where you cast your vote. The results show that the PDP polled 177 votes, CPC 65, ACN 41 and you as candidate of NCP had only 1 vote. A testament that you were not wanted, hence one can understand your envy for Asiwaju.

“Asiwaju will not submit in any form to encourage his aides to insult anybody otherwise a lot would have been said about Dele Momodu. This is not comedy that he knows how to practice, presidency is a serious affair that is not as having fracas with Davido who’s success left you bitter which you claimed was the greatest fight of your life, a talented young artist you are old enough to be his father. This goes to show that Dele is used to celebrity lifestyle and nothing more” Onoh said.

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He wondered how Dele Momodu will feel about his personal grievances when Tinubu wins the presidential election to become the Nigeria leader who will unite Nigeria, noting that Momodu’s attacks on Tinubu’s Presidential campaign council chiefs such as the Minister, Festus Keyamo (SAN) will not profit him nor stop Tinubu from becoming the next President of Nigeria.

Onoh said that Dele Momudu is a beneficiary of Asiwaju’s political service delivery who accepted that he was born and raised in Ile-Ife, came to Lagos in search of greener pastures, adding that Momodu said he wanted to be a teacher, marry a teacher and live happily ever after, but couldn’t get a job before he was brought to Lagos from Ile-Ife in 1988.

He further revealed that Momodu said that on coming to Lagos, things moved rapidly and he was fortunate to work with Chief Moshood Abiola at Concord Newspapers, you worked hard because you didn’t want to go back to Ife and till date you have not gone back but made lagos your home.

“Had Asiwaju failed to perform remarkably well as Governor of Lagos state and laid the foundation of that same security and other service deliveries you now enjoy which also propelled your Ovation Magazine to success.

“One can comfortably say that Asiwaju’s footprints in Lagos state inspired you to aspire.”

Onoh stated that Keyamo has fought selflessly in different realms of the struggle for democracy, adding that attacks on either Tinubu or Keyamo were attacks on the foundation of the democracy that Momodu claims he is fighting for.

“Same you Chief Dele momodu said and I quote: ‘One of the reasons we lack progress and development in Nigeria is because we are too embittered and too enraged. We all talk about Mandela, but we don’t want to be like Mandela. If Mandela was a Nigerian, he would have killed all his enemies when he returned from prison. What made Mandela special was his ability to forgive and move on.

“What also makes Asiwaju Special is his ability to forgive and come February 2023, I shall personally plead with Asiwaju to forgive you and move on,” Onoh concluded.

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