2023: Princess Adenike donates 4,000 branded transistor radios to Tinubu Campaign

Princess Adenike and Bola Tinubu

Princess Adenike Akindele, handing over the branded transistor radios to the APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos. Standing to Tinubu's right is the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa.

The Managing Director of Ron Coley Consultancy Limited, Princess Adenike Segilola Akindele has donated 4,000 specially branded transistor radios to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The radios are branded in APC colours and have the voice of Tinubu and his running mate, Kashim Shettima specially imputed into them such that the moment the radios are turned on, the first thing the owner hears is the voice of Tinubu and his running mate.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos, Princess Akindele, who is the Erelu of Ota Kingdom, stated that she was moved to make the donation because of her belief and confidence that Tinubu possesses the capacity to take Nigeria to greater heights.

“He has done it before in Lagos and I believe he has the capacity to perform even better at the national level,” she said.

Explaining how the radio works, she said they are specially produced radios aimed at improving the campaign of Tinubu in particular and the APC in general.

“His voice and that of his running mate are imputed in the radios so that when the radios are turned on, their voices come out first no matter the station it is tuned to,” she said.

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Princess Akindele, also Lika-Oloja Obirin of Ikereku Oke-Ona further stated that the donation was her own contribution to the campaign of Tinubu and his running mate.

As a Strategy Consultant and Founder of Ron Coley Consultancy, Princess Adenike Segilola Akindele Eleku described the specially produced radios as an innovative and unique methodology for communicating and capturing the large voting blocs who are active grassroots voters.

“The ability of the demographic segment which dwells in rural areas and shanty parts of urban areas to contribute to the importance of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is not in doubt. They are highly informed and not impervious to change.

“Although the visibility of our target audience is low on Social Media, they are highly potent as a result of their high political consciousness and participation. It is therefore prudent to cultivate the core competencies of this group of people who are usually ignored and mostly thought of as the last resort.

“We came upon a brilliant discovery, ‘The Radio’. We found out that it is the best mode of reaching offline voters, especially in rural Nigeria. We can see how modern radio evolved from the desire for clear transmission of messages to the actual target audience in the most unstable land territories.

“Looking critically at the 2023 campaign for APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima; we may find constraints reaching the large mass of voters situated in zones which are prone to conflict; why not then, try sending a few thousand radios which have in them an embedded voice of the candidate speaking on his manifesto and plans for these regions in particular and the nation in general and let’s see this type of communication work its magic”, Princess Adenike explained.

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