Zoo put into lockdown after 5 lions escape


A Lion

An Australian zoo has been placed on lockdown on Wednesday after five lions escaped from their enclosure.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo said five lions, one adult and four cubs were found in a small area beside their exhibit, with a 1.8-metre tall fence separating them from the rest of the zoo.

“The zoo has strict safety protocols in place for such an incident and immediate action was taken.

“We regularly conduct drills to ensure we are prepared,’’ the zoo said in a statement.

“All persons on site were moved to safe zones.

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“Four of the lions calmly returned to their dens, and one cub was safely tranquilised, but now awake and well.’’

A full review was underway to confirm how the animals were able to leave their enclosure, Taronga Zoo said.

“All Zoo staff acted swiftly, and procedures and processes were followed as they should have been.

“As a result, the situation is under control within minutes.’’ (dpa/NAN)

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