Is Chainlink a good investment?


FILE PHOTO: Chainlink

The cryptocurrency industry is developing, welcoming more and more new and promising projects that bring many benefits and earning opportunities.

However, it isn’t easy to estimate how good this or that crypto is until you understand its essence and evaluate its prospects.

Of course, the most popular and expensive digital coins, BTC, ETH, and others, are on the top investment list.

Among the variety of different crypto projects presented in the market, there is one underestimated yet promising – Chainlink.

What is Link?

Link is a native crypto asset of the Chainlink platform that ensures smart contract execution.

From its name, it becomes clear that the project is focused on bridging off-chain companies with blockchain technologies.

Through Chainlink, real-sector enterprises can access Ethereum and other popular blockchains and ease their business processes using smart contracts and the Link token.

Other facts about the project:

• A decentralised oracle is at the core of Chainlink

• The platform provides hybrid smart contracts

•The Link token is built on the Ethereum blockchain

Chainlink Price Prediction

Crypto analysts learned the Link chart and concluded that the Link price can increase by the end of 2025 up to $32.

Looking at the last 12 months’ price changes, we can say it shows a stable decrease starting from November 2021 ($34.34) and ending today’s Chainlink price level of $6.9.

It is recommended to research the asset and estimate its prospects to understand what risk you are taking when buying Link. It makes sense to pick this asset for investment in the long-term prospects.

However, until the market trend is bearish, there are few chances that the Link price will boost. Now is the best time to allocate some part of your finances to buying Link tokens and holding them long-term.

Link is available on large crypto exchanges. For example, you can buy this token on the WhiteBIT crypto platform.

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