Did Didier Drogba convert to Islam?

DIDier Drogba

Didier Drogba reacts to 'reports of his conversion to Islam'

Many media platforms have reported that Didier Drogba converted from Christianity to Islam.

The reports went viral after Drogba was captured praying with his Muslim brothers.

The pictures also went viral on social media with many celebrating the reported conversion.

However, the Chelsea legend has respectfully corrected the misinterpretation.

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Drogba noted that the pictures were a moment of respect for his Muslim brothers whom he visited in his village.

The Ivorian also respectfully noted that he has not changed his religion.

Reacting to the reports and trending pictures, Drogba said;

“This story is going viral, but I haven’t changed my religion. This was just me paying respect to my Muslim brothers I was visiting in my village. A moment of togetherness. Much love and blessings to all.”

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