LASBCA, stakeholders proffer solutions to tackling buildings collapse in Lagos


Gbolahan Oki, GM LASBCA

The Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) and stakeholders in the built industry on Thursday proffered solutions to incessant collapse of buildings in the State.

They spoke in an in-house workshop on Thursday. They called for collective responsibility between the government and stakeholders in order to ensure that buildings collapse were reduced to the barest minimum.

Gbolahan Oki, General Manager, LASBCA, said that the agency realized the importance of working together with the stakeholders as a way to end the menace of building collapse.

He said the government could not do it alone which was why the agency has called for a joint effort in curbing the issue of buildings collapse and made something impactful in the community.

According to him, “We realize that in construction, the welder, bricklayers, engineers and every other stakeholders are important. That is why we are sitting here to discuss how we move the construction world forward into the future of what we all expect and how we can stop the issue of building collapse.”

“The issue of building collapse is beyond the issue of architect or welder but we need to address collectively. The core problem of this is the attitude problem. Instructions and laws are to be strictly followed during construction.”

Oki stated that the agency did not like to arrest artisans but that in most cases, was forced to use the tool of the law because of the attitude problem and negligence of an average artisan.

He added that most artisans or developers do not obey government’s directives in building construction which had greatly contributed to the issue.

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“So many lives have been lost and we cannot bring them back but every demolished house can be replaced. The lives of Lagosians are very important to us and we need to do the right thing always,” he said.

A developer, Olalade Valentina, recommended that as a way of tackling building collapse, developers should pay more attention to building good structures.

She said the agency and artisans should checkmate developers’ activities in order to ensure that they do the needful always.

“Mistakes in building are not something you can easily say you want to correct or go back to change. This is why as developers, we need to pay attention in ensuring that we build the right way.

“One of the ways to end building collapse is to ensure that the agency and artisans puts us on our toes by thorough checkmating and ensuring that we do the right thing always. This simply means that nothing should be swept under the carpet. This would help to build more habitable buildings against collapse,” she said.

Also, a member of Real Estate developers Association, Kabiru Olaniyinka, suggested that the issue of building approval by LASBCA should be strictly followed to ensure that any one who defaulted would be strictly punished.


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