Nickelodeon shares November calendar on DStv


Nickelodeon on DStv

Nickelodeon, Africa’s number-one entertainment channel for kids is bringing new episodes of your favourite shows and is also launching an exciting new show.

It’s November and this can only mean non-stop laughter and all-around family entertainment on Nickelodeon. Here are some of the highlights of what to expect:

Transformers Earthspark

This November, the Transformers are making a Nickelodeon entrance. With the Transformers’ war on Earth concluded, Dot Malto, her husband Alex, and their kids Robby and Mo move to Witwicky to start a new life. The family soon finds their lives intertwined with the first Transformers robots born on Earth.

Enjoy the premiere episodes of the new show every weekday from 28th November to 9th December at 11:20 WAT.

Danger Force

The Danger Force strikes again! Captain Man, Schwoz, and the team of uncontrollable sidekicks are fighting more ridiculous supervillains all through November.

Catch brand new episodes of the Danger Force chaos every weekday from 21st to 25th  November at 11:45 WAT and repeat episodes at 16:40 WAT.

Star Trek Prodigy

From dark discoveries to broken ships, the Protostar crew always have front seats to intergalactic drama. Guess what? It’s about to be ramped up!

Experience alien drama like you’ve never seen as 5 teenagers move a stolen ship across the galaxy. Watch all-new episode premieres of Star Trek Prodigy every weekday from the 14th to the 25th of November at 11:20 WAT.

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Lego City Adventures

New awesome adventures await you in Lego City. What else would you expect from a booming metropolis with a skateboarding police chief, a grumpy street sweeper, and sassy firemen?

Join the adventure every weekday from 28th November to 8th December at 10:05 WAT.

The Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne and her family are just trying to live a normal life in a big city. But with a mischievous parrot and an army of relatives, it’s almost impossible.

Experience new meanings of family fun with The Casagrandesevery weekday from 7th November to 1st December at 11:00 WAT.

SpongeBob Squarepants

The world’s favourite sea sponge and his best bud, the pink starfish, are off to more misadventures in Bikini Bottom this November.

Follow SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick, and the whole gang across their underwater shenanigans in brand-new episodes. Tune in every weekday from 14th to 25th November at 10:30 WAT.

Stay tuned to Nickelodeon (DStv Channel 305). For even more kid-friendly content, be sure to also keep an eye on NickToons(DStv Channel 308) and Nick Jnr (DStv channel 307) for the very best in entertainment.

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