Olufemi Ajadi: I will break shackles of poverty in Ogun


Olufemi Ajadi

Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, the governorship candidate of the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP) in Ogun State, has vowed to empower youths and improve the lives of the people.

Ajadi, an industrialist and philanthropist, made the pledge in a recent interview where he clearly stated why he is the best to lead Ogun in 2023.

The governorship candidate also laid down his plans for electricity, security, and other areas.

Please read the full interview below

Why do you want to govern Ogun State?

Thank you so much for the question. You know, from the beginning of the story, I am not the one sending myself. I have said it repeatedly and keep saying it. It is my God that sent me to deliver the people of my country, which is Nigeria. That was why, initially, I started as a presidential aspirant but later, I stepped down for His Excellency, Dr, Rabiu Kwankwaso to be his running mate. Later on, I was honored, by the atmosphere of love, and with the way people looked at my political experience and sagacity, they urged me to come and rescue Ogun State to the position that things will begin to work well in the state. That is the reason why I took up the leadership challenge to make sure that Ogun State becomes a beacon of pride; to make sure that the people of Ogun State begin to enjoy what we call the dividend of democracy. To make sure that Ogun State is transformed. So, these are some of the reasons I want to contest the election for the office of the governor of the state.

Because, if I am not part of them, I cannot beat them. That is why my God sent me to go and join the political party and that this political party, you wait for some time because they are coming to call you. They will look for you. You don’t go and look for the party yourself. And by the grace of God, I can tell you, they came by themselves to look for me. Today, I am a Governorship candidate in Ogun State under the platform of the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP).

In concrete terms, what are those gaps you have seen and you want to fill when you become the governor of Ogun State?

Thank you. A lot of things look ironic. In the area of development, we cannot point out any area of development in the state. Look at the area of civil service, and government workers; how much are they being paid? Look at the situation of our roads. What can we say about them? Everywhere, there is a gap begging for a solution. Look at the conditions of our hospitals, maternity homes, and health centers. No one is talking about them. Look at the situation of power (electricity). Very poor. This is not the thing we should be talking about. I have experienced what is called call darkness. Look at this place, that is where I do my business. As I am talking to you now, over two years ago that I stopped using government-generated electricity as a result of frequent power outages. It is very epileptic. Even when power is restored, under one hour it goes off. I am an entrepreneur, I am a manufacturer. How can I succeed in this on-and-off electricity situation? It affects my business activities. Because of this, I have to find a solution by myself. I decided to generate my electricity (generator) in order to remain in business. It works for 24 hours to power our activities in the company.

So, if you look into it all, it is more or less like we are living in pain. In a situation whereby things are not where and how they are supposed to be. Things are just upside-down. These are some of the things that have motivated me to come and change Ogun State for the better.

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Let me digress a little. What is the level of NNPP acceptance in Ogun State?

The acceptance is very high. We are a force because in Ogun State PDP will not come out first in this election. APC has disappointed people. As of yesterday, we repaired some roads for the people of Ogun State, in Obafemi-Owede Local Government, Ibafo specifically. As we were repairing these roads people were happy, jubilation and dancing. They were singing “Ajadi ti wole; Ajadi ti wole”( Ajadi has entered). If this government is doing something good they would not have been looking for Ajadi to come and take the mantle of leadership of the state. They are looking for Ajadi to come over. So, I believe we are taking over by the grace of God. NNPP is taking over.

We learned you visited some of the traditional rulers in the state recently. Why did you visit them and what was the outcome of the visits?

The traditional rulers, you know are also holding offices. With the office they are holding, they are meant to pray for everyone contesting the election or every prominent person within the country. Their duty is just to pray. Not endorsing politicians and political parties. Because it goes against their offices. What politicians go to them for is to seek their advice and prayer. That is what I went to the traditional rulers to do.

Have you visited Afenifere aswell?

I have visited Pa Ayo Adebanjo.

Isn’t he also endorsing politicians?

He is not endorsing. What he did were advice and prayer. Most journalists do not balance their stories. So, sometimes they quote people out of the contest. If you pray with me now, does that mean you endorse me? So, I believe he only prays for politicians not that he endorsed anyone. If he endorses someone then the value of that organization (Afenifere) is becoming low. But he can suggest that the South-West or South-East has not done it before. He may just suggest. He cannot endorse it.

For some time now we have been hearing of insecurity on the Lagos-Ibadan Express and some other parts of Ogun State. How do you intend to resolve this problem if you are the governor of the state in 2023?

By the grace of God my first six months in office, I will make sure there is stability in electricity. I will make I tackle every hidden corner where all these criminals, kidnappers, and armed robbers are hiding. We will expose all their hiding places. Because once there is the electricity we will make sure that all our roads and borders are covered with CCTV cameras. We will have station rooms for the youths who will come on board to monitor every affair or activity on our roads, on our corner, and on our borders on a daily basis. So, by these, we will be able to track the hideouts of criminals in the state. By the time will bring the youths on board, it will also be empowerment for the youth. Our government will provide a congenial environment for youth empowerment. They will be part of the coming government. We will orientate them toward understanding the need for patriotism in their country or society. They have brains. Their brain is into Information and Communication Technology (ICT). And we are going to engage them to utilize that skill. Mobilization of the youth for the good of the country is my primary assignment. I will change the narrative by the grace of God.

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