How I was delivered when I ran mad, naked on the street - Actress Chacha Eke Faani

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Chacha Eke Faani

Popular Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani has revealed how she was delivered when she ran mad and naked on the street.

She said she suffered from bipolar disorder for 33 years of the 35 years she had spent on earth without known, which only manifested at the later stage of her life.

Chacha Faani gave her testimony on Sunday at the House On The Rock Church, Asaba Delta State.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday, Chacha said mental illness does not choose who to affect, saying she was currently operating from a realm of shamelessness, courtesy of bipolar disorder.

Chacha said she normally run mad every year, which made her to destroy things, broke the television, burnt her clothes and that of her children, among others.

She narrated: “I turned 35 four months ago and for 33 years, I had a sickness that I was unaware of, my parents were unaware. In 2018 at Delight Hotel in Enugu, I lodged there with my husband and two children.

“One day, it happened, I went mad, later on I discovered it was called a maniac episode, but just like in the movies, I went crazy, I began to throw away every of our belonging, clothes, shoes, bags, I vandalised the hotel properties, the suit in the parlour area has three large cushions, I ripped them all apart using a tiny knife.

“It was nothing but madness, that madness was contained in just that room by my husband who was wearing only the cloth he had on. that incident was so intense that what I needed was a trip to the hospital, but I didn’t go to the hospital because my husband and I who is seated here and supporting me; we attributed it to demonic attack, voodoo, marine spirit and others.

“I survived it, but I had another episode in 2020 in Asaba, Delta. I was on laptop writing script. Before I could realise what was going on, I was mad again, destroying things around the house, I broke television, I burnt all my clothes and that of my children like I did in Enugu. It was three to four days of intense madness, on the fourth day, I did not eat at all, I fell I had super power, they had to bind me hands and legs to the hospital. It was at First Delta American Hospital here in Asaba that I was diagnosed of bipolar disorder.”

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Chacha narrated further: “It came with another news that I was pregnant, when I went home, I flushed the pills I was given down the toilet. I went through the pregnancy without my pill, but after I resume work, I had another episode in 2021, I burnt all our wedding products, all our vital business documents, burnt all our clothes.

“Until I had the last maniac, on the street, raving mad, naked but there are people who are not naked, but they are mad. This particular maniac between April, May June and July, of course I burnt clothes, 4.00am in the morning, my parents were asleep, immediately I crossed the gate, I took off, I was running, hallucinations, I ran to Lagos, Ghana. It took the grace of God for me to come back home.

“I started to remember home, I ran because I thought my husband wanted to use me for rituals. I came on social media and wrote nonsense, non-existence things and because I am popular, people took  me seriously.

“I came back, they bundled me to the hospital again. Bills used to be up to N800,000 and so on. I shaved my children’s hair, the expensive things I have are my husband and children, if you are bipolar, your expensive things, children become your enemies.

“I suicide-bombed my marriage on social media twice, the first one, I could not account for it. The second one, I was very angry, I thought this man (husband) wanted to use me for rituals. I went to the police and made him sign undertaken to leave me alone, I left him and my children and stayed in hotel for two months. One day like film, I began to call my husband on phone, he wasn’t picking, I sent him a long voice notes, I promised I will take my medicine. and he said to me, that was just the point he wanted me to get. He said what is happening to me happened to many people and he did not want it to ruin me.

“I started to take my pills, which many people who have such conditions should take because the pills repair brain cells because my brain, for 33 years faced lots of damage. If you have anger issue, the kind that never goes away until you take out your vexation on something or someone, my friend, you have mental problem.”



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