'Obidients' want to kill me because I exposed their lies against Tinubu - Reno Omokri


Obi, Tinubu and Omokri

Critic, Reno Omokri has cried out that the Labour Party’s presidential, Peter Obi’s supporters are planning to take him out because he exposed their lies against the APC’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s Chicago certificate.

Omokri has come out recently to say that he spent $4,000 dollars to investigate Tinubu’s Chicago certificate and found out that he attended Chicago State University and graduated with flying colours.

He took to his Instagram page to announce that and ‘Obidient’ broadcaster threatened to kill him for exposing the lies of Peter Obi and his supporters.

“When someone threatens to take me out, what can they mean? Because I exposed their Obidient lie against Tinubu? It is in my interest to lie that Tinubu did not attend Chicago State University. But he did. I went there.

“For this, Obi and his hack want to take me out? Anyone planning to take me out will fail in Yeshua’s Name. My hands are clean..My conscience is clear. I cannot accuse Tinubu of what he is not guilty of. He went to Chicago State. If because of that you want to “take me out”, May God save your soul,” he wrote.

Earlier, Omokri, said a certain broadcast journalist, who has turned himself to a mouthpiece of Peter Obi, made the foolish mistake of calling someone to threaten to “take me out” after he exposed him as a liar.

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“Unknown to him, the entire conversation was recorded. If I were like him, I would have released the recording. If the recording is ever released, it will show that this individual is capable of anything.

“If the person is reading this, please go ahead and fulfil your threat to take me out. Bigger persons than you have tried it. Where are they today?”

He added: “I am wondering if this threat to take me out was done on behalf of the Peter Obi campaign, or if the broadcast journalist was acting on his own. Why would anyone even say that?

“If it was not recorded, they would deny it. Take me out for what? For exposing a liar? Is that the level to which journalism has fallen in Nigeria? You lie on air. You are exposed. And the next thing is that you start making life threatening calls? Really?”


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