Trevor Noah bows out of Daily Show

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, who headlines “The Daily Show”, has officially bowed out as the host of the American late-night talk show and satirical news programme on Comedy Central.

He gave an emotional farewell speech on Thursday, noting that the 2022 season has ended.

Although his replacement has not been confirmed, a series of celebrity guest hosts will headline the show in January 2023.

Trevor recalled his earlier days as the host when there were not enough people to fill the crowd.

“I’m grateful to you, every single one of you. I’m so grateful. I remember when we started the show, we couldn’t get enough people to fill an audience.”

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He further thanked those who “hate to watch” the show for boosting the ratings.

Noah particularly thanked a black woman in his life, whom he described as the inspiration behind his “great ideas.”

“This is random, for some, but a special shout-out to Black women. I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas. People are like, ‘Trevor, you’re so smart.’ I’m like, ‘Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, and formed me?’

“I always tell people, if you truly want to learn about America, talk to Black women. Unlike everybody else, Black women can’t afford to f**k and find out” he added.

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