Kwara International Technical Centre seeks upgrade



By Abigael Joshua

The International Vocational, Technical, and Entrepreneurship Centre (IVTEC), in Kwara State has called for the upgrade of the centre to a polytechnic to enhance student enrollment.

Dr Yaru Salihu, the institution’s rector, stated this over the weekend in Ajase-Ipo during the third graduation ceremony of 400 college trainees.

Salihu sought an amendment to the law that established the institution to quicken the process that would lead to the upgrade.

He added that the elevation of the status of the centre would also enable it to attract educational grants from TETFUND and similar outfits for infrastructural development in the institution.

“Since the approval IVTEC obtained in 2019 to award the National Innovation Diploma (NID) Certificate, the college has not been able to attract students into its NID programmes. This is largely due to the orientation of the populace about the NID being a lesser certificate than the National Diploma (ND).

“In view of this, the college is passionately seeking an upgrade to the status of a Polytechnic to boost student enrollment and also to position the college for educational grants from bodies such as TETFUND.”

“There is a need to revise the law of establishment of the college to facilitate the process of the upgrade,” Salihu said.

At the ceremony, the state Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, identified self-employment, entrepreneurship, farming and innovation as the key to sustainable development and growth.

AbdulRazaq said that as a responsible government, his administration would sustain investment in programmes and projects that would propel sustainable development and make the youth self-reliant and prosperous.

Represented by the state Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Dr. Afees Alabi, the governor said the institution was conceived to provide market-driven skilled manpower needed at all levels.

He stated that robust global competitiveness would propel the nation’s economy and promote the social and economic well-being of the deprived and less privileged individuals.

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“I appeal to sons and daughters of this state to continue to support our administration in the overall interest of our state and country.

“I believe strongly that self-employment, entrepreneurship, farming and innovation are the key to sustainable development and growth,” AbdulRazaq said.

The governor, who recalled that the centre was established without students upon his assumption of office, said efforts are being made to consolidate the gains recorded with its operation.

“The establishment of this institution is meant to give marketable skills to young people and make them self or entrepreneurs rather than job seekers.

“This empowers young people and reduces the possibility of them becoming idle hands in the devil’s workshop.

“On our inauguration in 2019, the college existed in name and facilities but with no students. This is of concern to us, and we are thinking outside the box already,” AbdulRazaq said.

He said consultations were ongoing among various stakeholders on how to consolidate the gains of this institution.

“As part of our initiatives to empower young people, we have consistently sponsored students to learn skills, after which we empowered them.

“What we are seeing here is the third such intervention.” The difference is that this is the highest number of students to be trained in different skills in this institution.

“Nonetheless, what we are witnessing today is going to be the tip of the iceberg compared to what is yet to be unveiled in terms of such intervention,” AbdulRazaq said.

He said that as a responsive government, his administration would continue to invest in programmes and projects that would propel sustainable development and make the youth more self-reliant and prosperous.


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