Moment Seyi Vibez begged Burna Boy to perform at Lagos concert (video)

Burna Boy

Burna Boy at Lagos love Damini concert

A video of Seyi Vibez kneeling and bowing to Burna Boy at the “Lagos Loves Damini” concert in Lagos has surfaced online.

The ‘Last Last’ singer had himself admitted that he would not have shown up for his concert if not for Seyi Vibez who begged him.

The show was billed to start from 6 pm to 11 pm on Sunday but Burna Boy was seen by his fans around 4 am on Monday.

After hours of delay, the singer called out Nigerians who accused him of shooting someone at a Lagos nightclub and claiming his mother once danced for Fela.

He then confirmed that he wanted to abandon his own concert but was persuaded by Seyi Vibez.

“Just to show you say I still love una. If not for Seyi Vibez, I for don dey go house,” Burna said.

At the time the statement was made, some thought Burna Boy was just blabbing.

But the video that came out afterward indicated that the Port Harcourt boy truly wanted to abandon the concert.

Watch the moment Seyi Vibez was bowing like a slave below;

Burna Boy tenders apology

Realizing his words were disrespectful to Nigerians, Burna Boy later tendered an apology.

In a statement on the social media platform, he gave the simple explanation he should have given to his fans at the concert.

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The singer said: “Lagos, I love you but I can’t do this again. The organizational structure and infrastructure are not there for the complexities of my audio and Production needs.

“Let’s be clear. I wasn’t late, my band wasn’t late. We pride ourselves on being highly professional, especially with our stagecraft.

The 31-year-old also disclosed that they were multiple explanations that had necessitated his late performance.

“There were three options available to me; wait for audio to be fixed and delay the show, come out at 11 pm as planned with no sound or call a breach of contract and pull the plug,” he said.

He added that due to the disappointment he would be putting work in place with private individuals to establish a world-class entertainment infrastructure.

“I know I can’t go all over the world and neglect my own people so I’m taking matters into my own hands!

“I’m gathering the troops to work on building world-class infrastructure in the Nigerian entertainment business.

“Investors and stakeholders interested pls hit me up, we need to make some changes,” Burna Boy said.

He apologized to his fans “for staying and weathering the storm with me,” and commended his band “for making lemonade with the worst lemons we’ve ever seen!”

Accusing the show organizers of poor organization, Burna Boy wrote; “Wonder X, KC Kennedy, Olisa Adibua, and Creative Economy Catalyst (CEC) did an abysmal job of executing anything and my fans should never have had to go through that.

“I’ll see you all again, on spaceship time! No one else’s. Love, Damini.”

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