Eight family members shot dead in US town


For illustration only: A dead man

Eight family members including five have been found dead in their home in Enoch city, Southern Utah, United States.

The state authorities said the corpses were found with gunshot wounds, but provided no motive for the killings.

The victims were discovered during a welfare check at the residence of the family in Enoch, a small town of about 8,000 people, 245 miles south of Salt Lake City.

According to Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson the deceased who were all members of one family were well known in the Utah town.

“Many of us have served with them in church, in the community and gone to school with these individuals.

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“This community at this time is hurting. They’re feeling loss, they’re feeling pain and they have a lot of questions,” Dotson added, noting that officials planned on releasing more information as it becomes available and the police investigation progresses.

“We won’t know the mindsets, the thoughts of the individuals who experienced this tragedy, but we all can pray that their families and the neighbors and all will come to an understanding of what happened in this place, probably in a day or two, or maybe longer,” said Dotson

The children attended schools in the Iron County School District, officials said in a letter sent to parents.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox offered condolences in a tweet Wednesday night.

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