Uproar on Twitter as Brymo rejects Obi, drops opinion on Igbo Presidency



The Twitter platform in Nigeria was on fire on Thursday over the opinion of Nigerian singer Brymo on Peter Obi and Igbo’s presidency.

Brymo, who is a supporter of Bola Tinubu, noted that it is not wise to elect the former governor of Anambra, Peter Obi, at the moment.

The singer also noted that Obi will have to organize “his home front” to convince other regions that Nigeria will be safe in the hands of an Igbo man.

Brymo aired the opinion while responding to a supporter of Obi who had questioned the singer’s allegiance to Tinubu.

“Personally, I know PO (Peter Obi) is the best suited for Nigeria. In the same vein, I know you’re a very intelligent Artiste and I love your work, so I’ll respect your choice and not project my decisions on you. Just know say if e bad na for all of us and if e good too, na still the same,” the Obi supporter wrote.

In response to the Obi supporter, Bryymo said “Don’t respect my intelligence nor choices… you are trying to not accept a resolve… argue more then… pls …. It is not prudent to elect him yet, he may have to vividly organise his home front to lead rest of us… an Igbo VP first maybe to test the waters with the region is safer!”

The singer in another opinion stated that the Igbo presidency will remain a pipe dream as long as there is talk about Biafra in the South East.

“Well.. no other tribe seems to have a new country yet… as long as their talks by prominent people from Igboland about Biafra an Igbo presidency will be a pipe dream,” he wrote on Twitter.

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With the comments, Twitter went crazy with Brymo being labelled a tribal bigot and “Igbophobic.”

One Victor Isreal said: “Obasanjo has endorsed Peter Obi. Pa Adebanjo has endorsed Peter Obi. Prominent Yorubas have endorsed Peter Obi. So who’s Brymo to talk down on the Igbos? Why should I be bothered about the support of a man who wore G-strings to promote an album that never sold beyond Unilag.”

Another commenatator wrote: “Brymo is disgusting. Couldn’t campaign for his candidate without throwing ethnic slurs. Election will come and go, we will still be here.”

“I never had issues with Brymo supporting BAT for president because everyone is entitled to their choice but coming out to say Igbos are not ready for the presidency reeks of ethnic bigotry and tribalism. I used to think that man was smart and intelligent but I was wrong,” another commentator wrote on Twitter.

“Peter Obi supporters especially the igbos are delusional, you think if you abuse and bully Brymo like you’ve been doing to others it will make him change his choice of candidate? You can go ahead to abuse people from now till Feb, Peter Obi can only be the president of Onitsha,” one Jade wrote on Twitter.

Another Twitter commentator said: “They are bashing Brymo and he’s retweeting all the slanders, many people on this app are just naturally not feeling fine.”

As of the time of filing this report, over 10,000 people are talking about Brymo on Twitter in Nigeria.

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