2023 election: Tinubu’s presidential bid a divine project – Kekemeke

Chief Isaac Kekemeke

By Muftau Ogunyemi

Mr Isaac Kekemeke, APC South-West National Vice-Chairman, has described Sen. Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition as a divine mission that no one can halt or truncate.

Kekemeke stated this on Sunday, adding that it was past the time for Nigerians to regard Tinubu’s presidential ambition as the final hope they had.

He noted that those who think deeply would understand and perceive God’s role in the endeavour.

According to him, what everyone assumed would be a huge setback for Tinubu turned out to be a tool to help him win the party’s primary.

“It is obvious to all. Even the deaf can hear, and the blind can see, that the Asiwaju project is divine because no man-made factor, no principality and power, no manipulation can stop the hand of God which is on Asiwaju to make him the president,”.

“Tinubu travelled over the country and tirelessly engaged people to support his aspiration.

“The Tinubu of today is significantly superior to the Tinubu of 1999-2007 because he has gained post-governorship experience in people and resource management,” Kekemeke added.

The APC chieftain emphasized that Tinubu had expended significant money in carrying his campaign to practically every nook and cranny of the country, in addition to exhibiting remarkable physical strength.

“And he will continue to engage the people until the PVC speaks,” he added.

“He is exposed to Nigerian political terrain and the build-up of Nigeria politics.”

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“To say that Asiwaju is not strong can not be correct at all. I don’t think anybody needs any preaching on that because it is something we can all see.

“Asiwaju engages like no other. Town hall meetings, open rallies, selected meetings without skipping one, and he doesn’t suffer from any form of fatigue thereafter.

“Of course, age will always tell on anyone. He may not be as physically strong as he was as the governor of Lagos, but to rule a country is not physical combat.

“It is a combat of intellect, combat of your mentality, combat of commitment to the course and to the pursuant of mission and vision for a country,” he said.

As a result, Kekemeke urged Nigerians, particularly those in the South-West, to support and vote for Tinubu in the Feb. 25 presidential election in order to improve the country.

According to him, Tinubu as president represents an opportunity for the country to thrive, and we should seize that opportunity by voting for him.

“This man is the only presidential candidate with a good antecedent. This man is the only contestant who has been able to get visionary people from all over the country to join a campaign as a team.

“So, if yours is the best, if yours has the best decisions, if yours is working the hardest, you have no excuse not to vote for that yours.”

” Meanwhile, for the APC members who are working against the party, they need the forgiveness of God because nobody uses a ladder to get to the top and destroys the ladder,” he said.


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